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SA female gamer stars in new SteelSeries commercial

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In November, local gaming girl Julia 'BiSH' Robson won the SteelSeries #ShowYourColors competition. Her prize included a trip to DreamHack Winter 2015 in Sweden and she could even bring a friend along. She took her 15-year-old brother Damian along for a gaming experience of a lifetime departing 25 November 2015.

Further, Ms. Robson was given the opportunity to star in a SteelSeries commercial as part of a promotion for the new SteelSeries Siberia 200 headset.

SteelSeries talks about Ms. Robson’s trip:

“Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, the duo left home on Wednesday and landed in Copenhagen Thursday evening. A few hours later, after almost 30 hours of travelling, they finally arrived at ‪#‎DHW15.

Asked if they wanted to rest or refresh themselves, Julia's response came instantly: ‘We are looking forward to an all nighter - you're dealing with some hard core gamers and some travelling won't get us down!’ Since then they have racked up wins in FACEIT, playing CS:GO and defending the honour of all South African Global Elites, in the homeland of Counter-Strike. Tomorrow they'll be heading back to Copenhagen where we are doing a little project with them, buuuut.... more about that later.”

FACEIT is a platform for casual or competitive gaming, with some of the world's top eSports teams competing across various titles. We'll update the article once we know more about Ms. Robson’s participation in FACEIT.

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Julia and her brother Damian at DreamHack Winter

We now know that the little project is the SteelSeries commercial. Amazing job Ms. Robson, representing South African gamers with such energy and passion.

What do you think about the commercial? Let us know in the comment section below.

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