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360 Million hours of live eSports viewed during LoL 2015 World Championships

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The viewership numbers for the League of Legends 2015 World Championships are mind-blowing. The event kicked off on 1 October 2015, with spectators joining the event through the LoL live stream. The finals were held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. A total of 73 matches were played through the Championships. Here's the statistics from Lolesports.

  • 360 million hours of live eSports viewed - nearly doubling 2014’s total hours viewed of 194 million
  • 334 million unique viewers over the four weeks - from 288 million in 2014
  • 4.2 million average concurrent viewership count
  • Over 60 minutes average viewing session per spectator
  • 14 million peak concurrent viewership during the finals between SKT and Koo Tigers - up from 11 million in 2014
  • 36 million unique viewer count for the final - a record-breaking high for any eSports event and a climb from last year’s Samsung White-Royal Club matchup of 7 million unique viewers.

How many real sport events can boast such impressive numbers? Not to mention the advertising opportunities that come with 360 million hours of live eSports coverage. Let's take a look at some of the most impressive numbers, from live sport events as well as watched via TV. Keep in mind that eSports is in its baby shoes when compared to real sports events. Another thing to consider is the question of how many people are interested in sport, compared to how many people are interested in video games. When you juggle those two numbers, then in comparison, eSports viewership looks pretty impressive.

Top Sport Viewership Numbers

  • 775 million average TV viewers over a three-week period for Italy's Giro D’Italia cycling tour
  • 700 million people watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals between Spain and The Netherlands
  • 600 million people watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008
  • 400 million average TV viewers for the ODI match between India vs Pakistan at the 2015 World Cup
  • 111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl XLVI, in 2012

Sources: Top 5 | What Culture

So, eSports viewership has a long way to go before it comes close to real sport viewership numbers. Taking the facts I mentioned earlier into consideration, then we can't deny that eSports growing by leaps and bounds every year and that it's a force to be reckoned with.

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