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Offensive BLOPS 3 emblems get users permabanned from using the feature

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If you don't know that it's inappropriate to plaster an image of a terrorist organisation or a Nazi emblem on your Call of Duty: Black Ops III guns, then Treyarch will permaban you from using the paint shop and emblem editor. Yes, hotshot, the permaban extends to images of the crown jewels and other private parts as well.

If you've thought it cool to show the online multiplayer world of Black Ops III the extent of your idiocy, then next time you try to use the emblem creator or paint shop, you'll receive a message from Treyarch stating:


"Insert name here" has been permanently banned from using this feature. For more information visit

And then there are players who state Black Ops III is a mature game, and they should be allowed to display "mature" designs. Just imagine what these "mature" gamers will get up to in No Man's Sky where they'll have the power to play god in its massive universe.

Source: Gearnuke

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