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The Ventus debacle – DGL explains the incident and ruling

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Ventus Gaming’s League of Legends (LoL) team, Ventus® , faced allegations of fielding an illegal player during the 2015 Telkom Gaming Championships (DGC) after their second place finish at the event. Earlier this week, Telkom Gaming announced that the Ventus Gaming team was found guilty by an independent Tribunal Officer according to the DGC’s existing rule-set.

The team has been stripped of its second place finish at the 2015 DGC and its players have received a 12-week ban. Further, the team loses its seeding position and is forced to re-enter the DGL from the lowest division when the ban expires. Prizes and the second place finish have also been revoked.

DGL’s statement on the incident and ruling  

I contacted the DGL for an official statement on the matter, to which the DGL responded in an extremely professional and admirable way. You can read the statement below:  

“The Digital Gaming League confirms that the Ventus® team fielded an illegal player during the course of the Digital Gaming Championships (DGC). The player was not on the Ventus® roster for the DGC and therefore was not allowed to compete in the tournament.  

After this was brought to the attention of the admins, the DGL deemed further investigation was needed and Ventus Gaming was informed of the investigation. After the DGC the case was submitted to an independent Tribunal Officer.  

The investigation by the Tribunal Officer revealed that Ventus® had indeed transgressed the DGC rules and regulations by fielding an illegal player. The Tribunal Officer recommended that the Ventus® team be disqualified and banned for 12 weeks based on the current DGC rule-set.  

In addition, the Tribunal Officer recommended that Ventus® lose its seeded position, forcing Ventus® to re-enter the DGL from the lowest division once the ban period has expired, in line with the ruleset.  

The DGL has therefore disqualified Ventus® from the DGC and both the team’s prizes and second place finish have been revoked.”  

There has been a lot of uproar from the local LoL community about the 12 week ban, as some members of the community believe the punishment is too light. I asked the DGL to clarify the decision on the severity of the punishment, to which the DGL responded:  

“The ruling was made in line with the ruleset. Rulesets are reviewed annually after the DGC in consultation with the DGL committee and input from the community. In addition rulesets are updated through the year as needed through the same consultative process.”      

Thank you to the DGL for taking the time to give a thorough explanation of the ruling process and punishment dealt out. The professional manner in which the DGL staff has handled the whole situation should not be understated. 

About Ventus® and the prizes awarded

I contacted Ventus Gaming and asked for their official response on the matter to get both sides of the story. Unfortunately, after some correspondence Ventus Gaming decided to decline to give an official statement on the incident or answer any of my questions.  

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Ventus League of Legends team taking 2nd place at DGC 2015

What happens to the other teams and prizes? Let’s take a look below:

[FbdN] New World Order is promoted to second place and will receive the hardware and prize money they are due, which include:

  • 5x MM200 XL Mouse Mats
  • 5X Corsair M65 RGB Mice
  • R10, 000 courtesy of Corsair and Telkom.

VnR-LOL|DGC is promoted to third place and will receive the hardware and prize money due to them, which include:

  • 5x Corsair H1500 Headsets
  • R5000 courtesy of Corsair and Telkom

Ventus™  (The other Ventus team) and AxE`Vorpal will be awarded a joint fourth place and the R3000 will be split between the two teams equally.  

What do you think about the whole controversy? Do you think the punishment will deter potential future offenders from breaking the rules? Let us know in the comment section below.

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