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Fallout 4’s brilliant Easter Egg discovered – Because Aliens

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Junk. Junk never changes. Unless Bethesda has hidden brilliant little Easter Eggs on junk pieces players can collect. Fallout 4’s massive world is littered with thousands of pieces of junk that most players will just throw away or scrap down for materials without a second thought.

The game’s developers have hidden an exceptionally cool little Easter Egg on one of the pieces of junk and there is a chance that the secret discovered can be part of a greater, connected Easter Egg. Here is a look at the latest find by an avid fan.

(Please note that this article contains a small spoiler pertaining to the alien Easter Egg only)

An “Alien” secret uncovered

If you’ve ever watched the 1979 classic sci-fi horror film Alien by Ridley Scott, you might remember this line: “This is commercial towing vehicle Nostromo out of the Solomons, registration number one-eight-oh-niner-two-four-six-oh-niner." The line was spoken by Ellen Ripley on the CM-88B Bison Starfreighter spaceship from the film.

Imgur user 1Times found a Flux Sensor in a hut somewhere in the wasteland, which can be scrapped for one piece of steel. However, 1Times noticed that when you turn it around, there is a number written on the back of the Flux Sensor.

1Times notes on Imgur:

“I turned it around and I found some random numbers (CM-88B 180924609) so I decided to do some research.”  

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“I found this. It's a screen capture from the movie Alien Apparently the number is the registration number of a modified CM-88B (the other part on the flux sensor) Bison Starfreighter”

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"It feels really rewarding. Encourages me to explore more."

Interestingly enough, Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287 and the events of the film Alien plays off in the year 2122.

1Times' discovery isn’t the only number related Easter Egg in Fallout 4. Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski recently Tweeted “Hah, good friend of mine who worked on Fallout 4 posted this and said ‘...there are more numbers hidden in the game’” and linked up the Alien Easter Egg find.

Maybe the hidden numbers are all related to the Alien movie and some huge Easter Egg is hidden somewhere deep inside the game. At the time of writing it is still unclear if the other numbers (yet to be found) are connected in some way. If not, I would put all my Bottle Caps on the notion that the “Lost Numbers” are somewhere on a hatch in the world of Fallout 4.

What do you think about the Alien themed Easter Egg and do you think there is some big secret waiting to be found when someone discovers all the numbers? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Imgur

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