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Here's To Fighting Legend Seth Killian

Seth Killian, legendary Street Fighter player, commentator and subsequently Capcom’s Special Fighting Advisor and Community Manager, has left Capcom. This comes after a very moving and public post he wrote on Capcom’s community blog detailing that the 22nd of June 2012 would be his last day at the fighting game monolith.


Nick Key and I had the extreme privilege of meeting Seth last year when we went to Capcom’s European press event in London. He’s such a humble guy who genuinely cares for the Street Fighter community and wants to see the series succeed as the most iconic, and balanced, fighting games that have ever graced video games.

His status is so legendary that Street Fighter IV’s boss character, Seth, is named directly after him.

He hasn’t left in bad blood, instead he pledges his allegiance to the company, “I will leave as I began--a Capcom fan for life, looking forward to all the great games still to come.”


There is no news of his next steps, which could be anywhere at this point (he used to lecture Philosophy at the University of Illinois), but our guess is that he’ll be going back into gaming from another direction. He’s spent the last 6 years resurrecting a genre that nearly died in a bed of irrelevance.

To you Seth Killian, we raise a toast. Here’s to one of the greatest figureheads in the fighting genre. Thank you for making SFIV the powerhouse we wanted it to be and listening so fervently to the fighting community, even here in South Africa. Good luck with all your future endeavours and we wait earnestly for the quality you’ll be producing.

Mweb GameZone salutes you.


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