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The shameful conclusion to the Batman: Arkham Knight PC debacle

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Warner Bros. will re-release Batman: Arkham Knight for PC on October 28 - four months after the game was pulled from Steam and retailers worldwide. Four months after Warner Bros. knowingly released a broken game. Yes, they knew it was broken, yet they released it because "they thought it was good enough."

Remember, we're talking about a game that was (is) extremely expensive. Depending on the version PC gamers bought, it could set them back anything from R1600 - R530. Then there's the ridiculously expensive (and disappointing) season pass. Nothing about Batman Arkham Knight on PC is cheap - except for Warner Bros attitude. 

It irks me to no end that Warner Bros. refuses to make amends by offering something, anything for free to PC gamers. They're not even willing to offer one of the silly DLC's for free! How about just a discount? I think that even though Warner Bros. is placing more value on money than customer respect, we might see retailers offering discounts. PC gamers didn't even get a proper apology from Warner Bros., let also some form of making amends. Let's not forget that WB also took way too long to accept responsibility for the mess.

What I get from Warner Bros. attitude is that fans should be grateful they're getting a workable game. That's it. No remorse, no understanding of how their reputation has been damaged. Just, here's the full game, now go and play.

The Steam post announcing the re-release states the improvements and ends with the following:

"We want to give particular thanks to the members of the PC community who took the time to give us clear, detailed feedback and bug reporting. Now, get out there and Be The Batman! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment."

I think Batman is hanging his head in shame over how Warner Bros treat his fans. You can check out the announcement here.

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