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Batman Arkham Knight PC: New release date and no apology gift

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Batman: Arkham Knight will release, for the second time, on PC at the end of October. Warner Bros announced the news via Steam yesterday.

"As many of you know, we released a major patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC a few weeks ago. While there were significant performance improvements made to the game, the teams are continuing to work on the additional updates that were outlined in our previous post. We expect these updates to be ready at the end of October, at which time the PC version will be made available for purchase. In addition, support for all DLC that has been released for the console versions will be in place.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support. We’ll be sure to update everyone as soon as the update is live."

I find the following particularly interesting: "In addition, support for all DLC that has been released for the console versions will be in place." That means, no free DLC as an apology to the Batman PC fans. Fans, who had to wait four months for the developer to fix a game they knew were broken before they released it. Those who didn't request a refund, who paid for the silly DLC with the overpriced season pass, also get that fixed only at the end of October. 

No wonder people are calling for a class action lawsuit against Warner Bros.

"Warner Bros clearly doesn't give two shits about their fans... They have a crazy amount of money for advertising. They already know whatever they make is gonna be the "must-have" hot new shit that everyones going to want because they have the money for all that advertising and publicity to make it so... Not to mention all their intellectual property (like Batman here) giving a solid fanbase for a lot of their products immediately after they're announced, and even if it is a flop, the fans will more than likely still look the other way. They can shit on us without a care in the world

I would seriously love to see a class action suit against WB for this game, that'd be amazing! It happened relatively fast for AC-Unity, why not this game? And in Ubisofts defense, at least they were being apologetic about it and compensating with free things for the disaster... Not being straight condescending assholes like a certain corporation in the video game industry is doing to all their fans."

That's a comment on the Steam announcement, check out the rest of the replies to see how upset PC gamers are. For the life of me I don't get why Warner Bros is doing such a bad job at appeasing fans. The only thing that is clear is how much they disrespect customers. One would think the financial loss of offering the DLC for free counts less than the loss of fan support. Offer something, offer anything for free! I know they are not obligated to offer anything for free, but it would go a long way in showing fans they regret releasing a broken game. Just gonna leave this here... CD Projekt Red offer their customers 16 DLC's for free. It should be any industry standard, let alone as an apology gift.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission won their case against EA over the Sim City debacle. It took three years of litigation, but in the end EA had to pay up and change their digital returns policy. So taking legal action is one way of showing a developer how they should treat customers. Unfortunately, the gamer on the street can't afford a drawn out lawsuit.

Warner Bros now has a reputation for treating at least PC customers bad. First there was  Mortal Kombat X, and now Arkham Knight, and both times the only thing customers received was game patches. Mind you, even those were broken.

I hope PC gamers think twice before they ever purchase another Warner Bros game.

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