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PC gamers flock to Windows 10 – Will the trend continue?

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We already know that Windows 10 is installed on more than 75 million devices since its launch 41 days ago. Continuing with its impressive numbers, Microsoft’s new OS has seen a meteoric rise in the latest Steam Hardware and Software Survey.

The large increase could be attributed to the fact that Windows 10 is free for the first year, so the initial burst of new users is expected. Can the first five weeks' trend continue or will we see a sharp decline in gamers installing Microsoft's new OS? It is likely that the numbers will slow down; yet gamers might still continue to move over to Windows 10 due to Microsoft's increased interest in gaming shown by the OS's exciting list of features for gamers.

Can Windows 10 surpass Windows 7 to become the go-to OS for PC gamers? Here is a look at the numbers and if the trend of PC gamers flocking to Windows 10 might slow down.

Windows 10 PC gamer numbers are on the rise

Microsoft has done an excellent job at getting gamers interested upgrading to Windows 10. It’s not surprising that many PC gamers have started moving over to the new OS. Windows 10 has some great features for gaming and you can read my comprehensive guide to gaming on Windows 10 to see what the OS has in store for you if you have not upgraded yet.

A closer look at the numbers from the Steam Hardware and Software Survey show just how quickly Windows 10 has grown. Keep in mind that the survey is for the month of August, so the numbers could look even better by now. In only 32 days, 16.39% of Steam users now play games on the 64bit version of Windows 10. The 32bit version only has 0.63% of Steam users, yet it is already above the Windows 8.1 32bit version sitting at 0.54%.

Windows 10 64 bit is now third on the list of OS usage on Steam, only 6% behind Windows 8.1 64 bit, which is an impressive feat. Although Windows 7 64bit is still the top OS at almost 40% of the Steam user base, it is important to note that Windows 7 fell with 5.26% in the month of August and Windows 8 64bit dropped by 7.60%.

Keep in mind that Windows 10 is the only one of the top 10 OS’s on the Survey that actually grew in number, so it is very likely to surpass Windows 8.1 for second place at the end of this month.

Microsoft isn’t stopping there, as they are enticing more and more gamers to move over to Windows 10. For example, up to five Minecraft players can now link together via Xbox Live between the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition of the game, creating a cross-platform multiplayer local network. If that’s not enough, the long awaited Fable Legends, built for Windows 10 and the Xbox is set to release in 2015 which will very likely cause more users to move over to Windows 10.

Will the trend of PC gamers moving over to Windows 10 in droves continue or will the OS’s climb dramatically slow down in next month’s Steam Survey?

Will Windows 10 climb to the top?

Although the initial numbers are extremely impressive, you have to keep in mind that the upgrade to Windows 10 is free. Some suggest that the free upgrade gave Windows 10 a one-month boost and that the OS’s numbers won’t be nearly as impressive next month. Keep in mind that the stats are for all Windows 10 users and not just gamers; yet an overall decrease in new Windows 10 users will very likely effect the Steam User growth as well.

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Computer World’s Gregg Keizer states:

“Recent data from an Irish metrics firm shows that the free upgrade to Windows 10 initially kick-started usage of the new operating system, but that within a month of its July 29 release, gains fell below the threshold set by Windows 7 six years ago.

Although the numbers reflect only the first 40 days of Windows 10's wider availability -- and the early burst of increases fueled a record for Microsoft - they illustrate a shorter-than-expected impact of the free upgrade.” - Source

Although expected that the free upgrade would cause an initial burst and that the large increase in new Windows 10 users would not stay steady in the months ahead, the fact that Microsoft’s new OS fell behind the threshold set by Windows 7 is worrying. Could the recent news on Windows 10  privacy concerns be part of the reason for the slowdown in new Windows 10 users?

Microsoft is doing their best to boost its Windows 10 user base even further, as Jusuf Mehdi states.

“With 75 million devices already running Windows 10, it’s a good time for enterprises to consider Windows 10. And today, we’re excited to announce a new initiative that will make it even easier for our enterprise customers to experience the best of Windows 10.”- Source

The new Surface Enterprise Initiative "Will Further Windows 10 Adoption", starting with an expanded partnership with Dell to deliver premium Windows 10 devices and world-class services and support to their enterprise customers. Will the new initiative be enough to get more enterprise users on board with Windows 10?

It will be interesting to see if the Windows 10 Steam User numbers will also slow down at the end of September 2015 survey or if the great features for gamers will help Windows 10 continue its rise.

Do you prefer playing games on Windows 10? Do you think Windows 10 will be at the top of the Steam Survey before the end of this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Computer World, Microsoft

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