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A guide to understanding, appreciating, loving and loathing videogames

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"...understanding, appreciating, loving and loathing videogames," the punch line of, "A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming." Words every gamer can identify with. Yes, even moments of loathing, whether it's because of experiencing online abuse, or getting involved in a useless fanboy debate. Gaming has its ups and downs, but mostly ups :). It's long overdue that someone wrote a comprehensive guide about modern era gaming, and who better to do that than a gamer, (former) game website deputy editor, game developer, and best of all, South African. Remember Oliver Snyders from the awesome local game website He's the author of "A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming," and what I've seen of the book so far holds nothing but excellent and insightful reading.

Snyders addresses pivotal questions like "just what are videogames? What are they today - for better or worse - and what does their potential allow for them to become? And how will the fans themselves radically affect the course of the industry over the next four years?

"A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming" is for gamers, non-gamers and game developers.

For game developers, and those looking to make a career in the games industry, it gives "detailed, sub-surface answers to questions about what makes a game fun, successful, addictive, and even ‘great’ in the eyes of fans, while spotlighting important trends of today that will dramatically impact future innovations. The book also discusses how the world will react to new technologies, like virtual reality, and how new online services and a few young upstarts are slowly revolutionising how we play, buy, and discuss games in the future, leaving traditional publishers, developers, retailers, and press outlets to struggle to adapt and survive."

For non-gamers, it can be a guide to understanding gaming culture, its importance and a peek into the mind of "the gamer." "A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming" is for people that want to know more about the medium and "who makes games, how they’re made, and which six major groups contribute to the growth and evolution of the industry, while learning about the eight major life cycles that a videogame must go through to become a product ready for fans to enjoy."

Whether you're new to the "wonderful, weird, amazing, heart-warming, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and at times loathsome world" of video games will benefit from "A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming."

A veritable treasure trove of information on videogames, the people behind them, the industry surrounding them, and the culture that nurtures them.

  • Kindle: $13.67 (for the ebook edition, readable on Kindle devices and using the Kindle App for iOS and Android)
  • Gumroad: $9.99 (for a more portable .pdf edition)
  • Amazon: $29.99 (for the print edition, readable on your lap)

A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming: Website | Twitter |

I'll be doing a review and interview with the author, so keep an eye on GameZone for more information.

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"a guide to understanding gaming culture"

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