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'Forza Horizon' Colorado racing announced for October 23

Relaxnews) - Racing game Forza Horizon will launch on October 23, and its E3 2012 trailer showed off a variety of environments for players to check out.


'Forza Horizon' is based in Colorado

The open expanses, lakeside twists and turns, rocky ravines and cluttered freeways of Colorado all feature as a selection of high-powered vehicles make their way towards the game's Horizon Festival.

While previous entries to the series were made by Turn 10, Forza Horizon is the first title from new UK developer Playground Games.


Dirt tracks and smooth tarmac beckon

Its staff has been plucked from a wide range of prestigious racing game developers: Criterion (Burnout, Hot Pursuit), Codemasters (Dirt, F1), Ubisoft Reflections (Driver: San Francisco) and Slightly Mad Studios (Shift 2, Project CARS), as well as the now defunct Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing, Blur) and Black Rock (Split/Second).


Licensed cars return in 'Forza Horizon'

The hand-off leaves Turn 10 free to concentrate on other projects, and while Microsoft used this year's E3 opening presentation to focus on the Xbox 360's suite of games and entertainment apps, the tech company is expected to announce and launch a console successor in 2013.

Forza Horizon E3 2012 Trailer

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