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Bethesda opens Fallout 4's vault, come inside

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Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard announced that Fallout 4 will release on 10 November 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here's we've collected from watching the live stream as well as news bits that released after the reveal.

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Story, world and dialogue

One of the great things about the Fallout games is the world that existed before the war starts as you find reminders of the pre-apocalyptic world and its inhabitants throughout the franchise. Fallout 4's introduction takes place just before the war breaks out. The rest of the game plays off 200 years after the war. You play as the sole survivor of Vault 111 who awakes confused and alone.

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You won’t be locked into an unwanted conversation with a character you meet in the game, as Fallout 4 will have a dynamic dialogue system. You can walk away at any point during the conversation, as the audio fades out the further you walk away. Player freedom remains the team's number one goal; creating a massive world in the most ambitious project the game team has ever made (six years in development). You aren’t completely alone though, as you will have a dog companion (Dogmeat) that you can issue commands to by simply pointing at an object in the environment. For example attacking an enemy or “fetching” an item.


Furthermore, the main character will have voice-acting. Todd Howard, as transcribed by GamingBolt explains:

If you take a look at how stories are being told and a lot of them have a voiced character so if you weren’t looking at our games before, you would expect the character to be voiced. Our main anxiety with doing a voiced character is finding the right voices. We have two great voice actors doing the male and female [characters] and they have been fabulous and also how much time they had since we did not wanted to hold back any of our writing. They have been recording stuff for the last two years. They have each recorded over 13,000 lines of dialogue. It has come out great and it allows us to do storytelling and emotional moments that we could not quite hit before.” - Source

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Character creation and item customization

Character creation in Fallout 4 is deep and rewarding; you can create almost any look you can think of. Instead of normal sliders to adjust parts of a character’s face, the game uses a sculpting system where you can select every part of the face and simply sculpt. It is a powerful and easy to use tool. You can create a male or female character in the game and the character creation shows a different race options as well.

Fallout 4 character cust.png 

Fallout 4 generates a baby based on the couple you create. The team has recorded over 1000 of the most popular baby names for your “robot butler”, Codsworth, to say. You can watch the character creation system in action as well as the opening minutes of the game in the video below.

Except for the deep character creation and customization system, you can also customize the weapons you will be using in the game. Fallout 4 will have over 50 base weapons and over 700 mods which can be swapped out, combined or manipulated to create custom weapons. You can also modify your armor and equipment via an “easy to use and accessible UI”.

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Crafting system

The game will feature an exceptionally detailed crafting system. You can find parts all over the world and the item you want to create requires specific parts. Base building comes as a new addition to the Fallout franchise.

You can gather parts and salvage scrap materials from items all over the world as you upgrade your settlement. The salvaging system works so well because of the "fully dynamic game engine" Fallout 4 uses. Every item in the world is a resource. The developers note that there are many sites in the world to build your settlements on. NPC's, for example a weapons trader, will join your settlement as your base continues to grow.

Fallout 4 crafting.jpg 

You can build complicated stuff as well, for example attaching wires to generators, which hook up to power grids to power consoles. You will need to build some defenses for your settlements, as raiders will attack them. There are 50 different base weapons with wealth of attachments, which are made up of components you can find throughout the world.

A dynamic game world, combat and Engine

Fallout 4 will use a new version of the Creation Engine to bring the post-apocalyptic world to live, calling it the most dynamic game world ever. The Creation engine was used in Skyrim. The upgraded version of the Creation engine support Physically-based Rendering (PBR) and a dynamic volumetric lighting system.

You can play from a first or third-person perspective and lets you use a new and improved Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.). Bethesda tweets: "Even combat lets you play the way you want".

Watch the Fallout 4 kill montage trailer below.

For South African gamers, Raru added Fallout 4 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can't pre-order it yet, but you can add it to your wish list and they'll notify you as soon as pre-orders open. Find the links to each platform below.

Are you excited for the Fallout 4 and with which platform will you be traversing the post apocalyptic world? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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