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The Rand is coming to Steam

If you're one of the overly inquisitive gamers, you have have noticed the latest beta build for Steam included some rather interesting files. Gamers often dig through patch notes to discover hidden treasures. These treasures often allude to upcoming changes and inclusions not visible to the average gamer. What have the prospectors dug up this time?

Steam Database.JPG

The Tweet from SteamDB has revealed something rather interesting. It seems Steam is finally adding the South African Rand (ZAR) to the steam store. Before you get too excited, there are a few things you need to understand. Pricing of items are more than likely not going to change by much. While you're paying $60 for a new release AAA title right now, you're more than likely to pay the equivalent once the ZAR hits the steam store. Tax is also a major factor as SA gamers will also pay VAT on digital goods.

The upside would be knowing exactly how much you are going to pay for an item. Often I would assume exchange rates and be horrified once the invoice arrived. For some reason I've always maintained that $1 would cost me R10. Knowing exactly how much you are going to pay is a major benefit for South Africans, and we can speculate since Valve are known to adjust prices accordingly dependent on region. For example, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt from Takealot will cost you R499. That's for a hard copy, delivered to your doorstep. On Steam The Witcher 3 will cost you $60 (R720). This allows the speculation that prices may just be cut if South Africa is added as a region.

Speculations aside, this is a major breath of fresh air for South Africa. What this means, to me at least, is Valve are paying attention to where markets are obviously booming. South Africa is on the rise, and it would have to be a unanimous decision from Valve to include a region some would say is "volatile." This means that publishers and developers collectively agree that there is growth in South Africa and the investment is more than worth it. I just hope your wallets are ready.

Shout out to IGN Africa for pointing us to the news. 

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