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Treyarch talks Call of Duty: Black Ops 3


Mark Lamia, the studio head at Treyarch, recently sat down with GamesRadar where he highlighted some exciting new information regarding the next big Call of Duty title, Black Ops 3. Last year Activision decided to take the franchise in a different direction changing the two-year development cycle to a three-year development cycle. BLOPS3 is the first Treyarch developed game using the new three-year cycle and according to Mark Lamia it has allowed the developers to take more risks than ever before. 

Different movement than Titanfall & Advanced Warfare

One of those risks relates to the all new movement system for Black Ops 3, which took almost a year to complete. The brand new motion system will allow players to submerge themselves under water, run on walls and link movements together in one fluid system.

Lamia believes that Black Ops 3's movement will be different from Titanfall and Advanced Warfare.

" This (Black Ops 3) will feel like fluid movement system that has evolved out of Black Ops 2 that just allows me to do more things that I haven't been able to do before but feels tight and focused" 

Advanced Warfare and Titanfall rely heavily on verticality to play a large role in character movement. Black Ops 3, however, will use horizontal momentum to seamlessly string actions together. Players can expect to once again find use in ladders to climb buildings and can be expected to take fall damage when jumping from heights. 

Completely overhauled AI system

Black Ops 3 is set to launch with a four player co-opperative campaign. The last time this was done was with World at War, which was launched over seven years ago. Treyarch wants as few barriers to that as possible, so players who haven’t opened up certain missions will still be able to play them if you’re with someone who already has, and there’s also support for two-player local split-screen.

"We decided to make a co-op game, but yet we needed to make it feel like a Call of Duty game, which meant we needed to have a lot of stuff going on and entertaining the player at all times - in those battles, we had to create our own proprietary AI system that allowed us to archetypes for the different kinds of AIs."

Players stepping into the Black Ops 3 campaign can expect a brand new type of enemy, which required vastly different AI programming than the usual Call of Duty soldier AI.  

"Human AI needs to look smart, which means it needs to take cover and take opportunities to shoot at you. Robots don't worry about self-preservation like humans do, so we could create more interesting formations."

Robot enemies will be 'networked' to one another, which will allow them to adopt strategies. Some may decide to use a 'V' formation where others will use line formations depending on what the situation demands. Players will need to keep on their toes at all times, as their robot enemies will not react like their human counterparts. Shooting off a robot leg means nothing, sure you will slow the chappie down but it will still actively seek to complete its objective..... namely killing you. 

Closing Thoughts

Despite the risks involved of developing a new a brand new movement system and establishing a completely AI system, Treyarch have done the most they could within their three-year development cycle according to Mark Lamia. 

"And just in general: we wouldn't have taken the kind of risks and we wouldn't have gone as deep as we have in every single area of the game. I don't think that that could have been done in less time."

Do you think Treyarch are going to deliver a great Call of Duty title? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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