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Diablo 3's 3.5 Review Score Justified?

The day has finally arrived, May the 15th has reminded us that ‘Evil is Back’ and the proverbial midnight launches hangover is over us (or just me). Many a preorder has been collected, ‘promising’ you a spot on the servers before anyone else. Or did it?? DUN DUN DUUUN!!!

No. To be frank, it didn’t. And if you’re one of those eager to jump onto the servers, you’re probably only getting a variety of errors that look like dates in the distant future as well as the infamous Error37. This has caused quite an uproar on Metacritic, where the user score is only 3.5/10. 


It can be argued that that’s an inaccurate assessment of the game seeing as though few people are actually getting into the game in the first place. Surely a review should be placed on the actual game and not the failings of the server?

I tend to believe differently.

Blizzard have pushed a strong DRM arm here, like they did with Starcraft 2, where the full experience of the game can only be played online. It makes sense with Starcraft: It’s primarily an online competitive game, but Diablo is very different. Diablo can quite easily be a solitary experience, without one ever touching, or wanting to touch, the multiplayer component.

Therefore the server experience is an integral part of the gameplay. In fact, it’s a massive part of the game! WoW isn’t a game without its servers, so if you apply the same logic here, D3 isn’t much of a game. Yet.

So maybe those 3.5/10’s are justifiable? I’m sure the servers will come right very soon, but that needed to happen like, last week already.

I’ll let you know more about how I feel about Diablo III once I can get some decent playtime in. Maybe error 3006 means I’ll only be able to play in the year 3006! Hmmm, knowing Blizzard...

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