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Why gamers should avoid the Arkham Knight’s Season Pass


Many of us are very excited to play the final installment of the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy, Arkham Knight. Gorgeous graphics, character switching with Bats' friends, the friggin' Batmobile, and a completely new character created by DC itself.

Unfortunately, all that has been mired by the ridiculously priced and ridiculously presented Arkham Knight Season Pass. 

What we’ll get seems quite enthralling, despite the awful taste the Season Pass has left in our mouths. You can check out the full details here, but basically, Warner Bros added a Batgirl expansion and some handwaving about "allies" and "other missions" to justify the £32.99 season pass. They present race tracks like we know what they're talking about.

As you may know, the price for the Arkham Knight Season Pass is as expensive as many fully-priced games (though not as expensive as the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass!). And when Knight's Season Pass was first announced, we were told nothing about it - but it was expected people would shell out enormous amounts for content they knew nothing about and which they might not want.

Batgirl rocks, but not enough for me to get my wallet out this quick. Pre-orders are pretty ridiculous, but pre-orders for Season Pass for games that aren’t even out yet? That’s a whole new level of ridiculous. 

And I say this as someone who loves the Arkham series and looks forward to Arkham Knight. We don't know what race tracks are. We don't know what playing other characters will be like or how long the missions will be. The fact that the Season Pass is only for six months might mean they're working on content that comes later; it might mean they're busy with longer story missions that might only release later - meaning you shell out for some silly skins, only to not even have the "proper" Season Pass for content that arrives seven months down the line. 

Season Passes are meant to be part of giving more to players who want it; not using that good faith as a way to squeeze more money out of people already shelling out enormous amounts for a AAA game. Pre-order culture is marketing made flesh. We, as consumers, need to be better than this. 

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