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Why Mortal Kombat X on PC is still broken

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Not too long ago I purchased Mortal Kombat X on Steam. I've yet to complete the massive Steam download, and now it seems others may want to wait it out as well. It's also not the first time news about Mortal Kombat X's PC version has been reported. Despite patches and fixes the game is still very broken. First hand accounts from friends and users have reported issues mainly relating to lag, but these were brushed off as "you're probably playing on European servers from South Africa..."  But lag is not the only problem, as Reddit user Mystic87 detailed:

Here's a list of some of the more common issues with the game. Online is basically unplayable due to the memory leaks and the lag. It's been two weeks since the game launched, we got a 15GB patch (yes you read that right 15GB) which didn't really improve anything, instead it caused more bugs.

  • Fighters transitions gone after fixes (those transitions after select character, variation and stage. Fighters face off talking things and gestures before loading start. Those animations are great and add personality. Is important and they are already there. Users want it in the game please).
  • Crashes caused by a critical memory leak this game has.
  • PC players stats are bugged like wins/losses, etc. Because of this bug is very hard to get revenant Liu Kang and Kung Lao skins.High online input lag. Netcode and matchmaking need some improvement.
  • Ping bars not showing to many people for connection check. Grey ping bars or neverending loading.PC main menu isn't updated like console (store picture, living tower picture never change).
  • After last patch, some players lost their progress. Save game erased.We need an option to choose UI/subtitles language in the game.
  • Krypt Spider Swich Lever Passage lever bug. After first visit if you don't open the door, and exit to the menu, some or all lever will be inactive when you reenter the krypt and you can't pass the door anymore.Some gold chests impossible to open in the krypt (the ones that appear for a brief moment of time).
  • After losing a match on the Test Your Might tower, and opting to select a new character, the game will lock, not allowing your cursor to move.
  • After buttons remapping the movelist not change to reflect the new buttons.
  • Gold Scorpion/Cold war skin not showing up even though the code's already been redeemed.Button combo 1+2 (for stage interactions) no longer works after 15gb patch on arcade stick.
  • Every now and then a character loses the animation sequence for their fatalities. The fatality works and is awarded, but the "dead" character just stands wobbling. The only way to fix this is to restart the game and then that character's fatality works again.
  • Kombat Kard - Icon: Noxious IV + 0 per Match Win (as Reptile)
  • Lower overall graphics quality after last 15 gb patch (optimizations was quality nerf).
  • For some weird reason the resolution option 1980x1920 @60hz is missing. Instead of that I get two times the option 1920x1080 @59hz.In the end of Mileena's tasty treat Fatality, her mask appears on her face again on its own. (can be seen especially when using kahnum skin and probably the vampiress as well).
  • Game does not remember/save DSR resolution settings after being restarted.Optimizations needed. Many users are reporting very poor performance with not so bad game rigs and even with low settings.
  • Mime Johnny Cage is impossible to unlock in mobile MKX. Also PC to Mobile unlock is bugged.
  • Characters

The comments which ensued continued to berate the lack of improvements on PC Mortal Kombat X. As mentioned above, most lag issues were considered a poor connection from South Africa to abroad, but those excuses seem irrelevant now as most users deemed the netcode "horrendous." The issues arose almost two weeks ago (upon launch) and they still remain unchanged.

Warner Bros have released no official statements on whether work is being done to improve these issues. Console equivalents have no experienced similar issues, which makes us wonder whether Warner Bros have placed too much attention on media and marketing, rather than releasing a working PC port. This is worrying since this may put a damper on fans awaiting their releases of Batman Arkham Knight.

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