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MWEB GameZone Launches Six Cape Town Battlefield Hardline Servers

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When we launched the PC Gauteng Battlefield Hardline servers, we promised our Cape Town subscribers that we'll also launch servers for them. We're happy to announce that we're finally able to make good on that promise. We have a total of 6 Hardline server stationed in Cape Town, set up according to standard map rotations and game modes. We want to use some of the Gauteng or Cape Town servers to accommodate your wishes, so drop us a comment on what you would like a custom server to include, and we'll make your dream come true;). Please be specific.

Let's take a look at your six Standard Cape Town Servers

Server 1: Brutus

  • Gametype: Crosshair
  • Maps: All
  • Capacity: 50
  • Battlelog: Brutus  

Server 2: Clyde

  • Gametype: Heist
  • Maps: All
  • Capacity: 50
  • Battlelog: Clyde

Server 3: Zelda  

  • Gametype: Rescue
  • Maps: All
  • Capacity: 50 
  • Battlelog: Zelda

Server 4: Eleanor 

  • Gametype: Hotwire   
  • Maps: All   
  • Capacity: 50   
  • Battlelog: Eleanor

Server 5: Capone

  • Gametype: Blood Money
  • Maps: All   
  • Capacity: 50   
  • Battlelog: Capone   

Server 6: Red vs Blue

  • Gametype: Team Deathmatch  
  • Maps: All
  • Capacity: 64
  • Battlelog: Red vs Blue

See you server side, and remember to drop us a comment about what you'd like on a custom Battlefield Hardline server.

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