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Exclusive: Local CS:GO player 'boldly goes where no man has gone before'

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Robby ‘BlackpoisoN’ Da Loca, formerly from the Bravado Gaming Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) squad, has set his sights on something no South African CS:GO player has been able to achieve; to live overseas and become a professional player in a top international team.  

It’s been more than a month since BlackpoisoN arrived in Sweden. Here is the story behind BlackpoisoN’s move oversees as well as an exclusive update on how he is doing.  

Robby ‘BlackpoisoN’ Da Loca's rise to fame  

BlackpoisoN was relatively unknown in 2013 when he joined the Bravado Gaming CS:GO squad and subsequently won the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) at rAge 2013. The team’s repeat success at the DGC in 2014 cements their spot at the top of the South African CS:GO food-chain. Through the team’s success, BlackpoisoN became one of the most recognizable names in South African CS:GO.  

BlackpoisoN (in the Bravado Gaming squad) competed in Dreamhack Winter 2014 on 27 November 2014 against the best CS:GO teams in the world. Although the team fell in the group stages, they had impressive performances during the two-week bootcamp leading up to the tournament.  

Even before Dreamhack Winter, BlackpoisoN was considering a move to Sweden. Shortly after the event, he decided to take the plunge and move to Stockholm, Sweden with the focus on improving his game. After Dreamhack, blackpoisoN started doing research on pricing in Sweden, including rent, food, healthcare and transport to name a few and then took a few weeks to consider the move. Dane ‘Racno’ Friedman encouraging words that BlackpoisoN should move to Europe helped him decide that moving to Europe was the right thing to do for his eSports career.  


On 10 March 2015, BlackpoisoN flew from Johannesburg to Sweden in an attempt to achieve his dream of becoming the best possible CS:GO player he can be; with the ultimate goal of joining a top European team.  

Exclusive update: The dream is alive and well  

One month since his move to Sweden, Robby ‘BlackpoisoN’ Da Loca is acclimating well to the European scene. I reached out to BlackpoisoN and asking him how he is doing and if there were any updates on his situation.      

Exclusive update from Robby ‘BlackpoisoN’ Da Loca:  

I am doing very good right now and I have settled in nicely, I have learnt a lot about Sweden already and I know Stockholm City pretty well now.  

At the moment I am currently practicing a lot of Deathmatch, Gathers and PUGS. I first want to make sure that I am playing at top EU level before I try out for any team. The European and South African individual game play is a huge difference, so for the next 3-4 months, I will not be looking for a team. Right now I am just adjusting myself to the European game style and I am also re-learning all the map position names as there are many more and different names. I have been doing pretty well so far. Many nights a week we organize a bunch of Gather matches with most of the top professional players in Europe and we just play map after map. This is possibly the best practice and is helping me a lot.  

My main goal is to play for a top EU team which I think will be possible in a few months. One of the well known professional players that isn't in a team at the moment is making a mix team and asked me to join them to compete for the DreamHack Online Qualifiers, so right now we are just sorting that out then once we get a mix team arranged we will be putting our heads into the game. We will also have some very good players in our mixed lineup for the DreamHack Qualifiers. We do feel that if we just practice hard we can make it through the online qualifiers. After the DreamHack Qualifiers, we will also be competing in the Fragbite Qualifiers event. More info on this will be released on my Facebook fan page.  

But yeah, things are going very good now as I have been playing gather matches with a lot of pro players and just adjusting myself.”  

I am very happy to hear that BlackpoisoN is doing very well. His dedication to become the best player he can possibly be is inspiring. Hopefully he will join a top European team this year and make the South African community proud.  

If you would like to support BlackpoisoN, you can do so by checking out his Facebook page and watching some of his regular streams on Twitch.  

Do you think BlackpoisoN can make it big in Sweden, joining a top European team in the future? Will his move to Sweden inspire other top local gamers to follow suit? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.  

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