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How not to die in Bloodborne: 15 tips for absolute beginners

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Our favourite PlayStation team, PlayStation Access, brings us 15 tips for absolute beginners to survive in Bloodborne. These 15 tips will help newcomers to the Souls franchise survive just a little bit longer as they enter the unforgiving world of Bloodborne.

  1. Fight on your terms – You will find lots of enemy groups throughout your journey and you are just one guy, so that’s not really fair is it? One of the first items you will acquire is the “Pebbles”, which you can throw at an enemy in order to pull it towards you instead of rushing into a group. There are many small corridors in Bloodborne. However, if your fighting strategy revolves around strafing around the enemy, it is wise to pull an enemy into a larger area.
  2. Learn to Counter-shot – You have a right and a left-handed weapon. The right is a melee type weapon while the left is ranged weapon. Shooting the range weapon might not deal large amounts of damage, but hitting it just before it attacks (called counter-shot) will “stagger” the enemy. When an enemy is staggered, you can hit R1 for a visceral attack which deaths massive amounts of damage. It is a dangerous tactic but if you learn to do it correctly, you can take out almost any low level enemy with one visceral attack.
  3. Regain health by dealing damage - If you take damage, there is a short window of time where you can regain at least some of that health by inflicting damage to an enemy. You can gain a surprising amount of health back if you do not take additional damage during the short amount of time.
  4. Spend your Blood Echoes – Blood Echoes are the currency in the game, which you can use in “The Hunters Dream” buy purchasing items from a merchant. One of the first things you should spend them on is a set of new attire; it helps a lot in the early hours of the game. Don’t be afraid to spend your Blood Echoes, as getting stuck with old gear is one of the worst things you can do in Bloodborne.
  5. Try different equipment – Item statistics might be a bit confusing at the start, so try out different combinations and learn what works best for you. Get to know what they key stats are and subsequently see how the equipment changes those stats.
  6. Do not buy Blood Vials - Do not spend your money on Blood Vials, as they are prevalent throughout a game and a waste to buy with Blood Echoes, unless you are about to go into battle and there is no other way of acquiring them.
  7. Short on Silver bullets? No problem - If you are short on ammo, you can swop a little bit of health for five bullets by pressing “up” on the D-Pad.
  8. Arrange your inventory for the win – Bloodborne has a detailed inventory and a quick cycle option. To avoid accidentally using a valuable item via quick cycle, you should arrange similar items in specific slots, so you always know which item is next in line while in combat.
  9. No pause for the cause – There is no pause option in Bloodborne. Opening the inventory or options menu does not pause the game, so be sure your character is in safe place before getting up.
  10. Explore everywhere – There are loads and loads of items to find across the world of Bloodborne. Secret’s, pathways and hidden items are plentiful, so exploring each area thoroughly can be rewarding. Observe your surroundings and enjoy the world, but be wary, if an item is too out in the open, you might be in for an ambush.
  11. Light up some lamps – Found at doorways, lamps indicate that there is normally an NPC behind the door which you can have a chat with, while sometimes they give you a sidequest or two to complete. When the conversation ends, cycle through it once or twice more, as NPCs could have more to say in the second chat.
  12. Read everything – There are loads of little tips at the start of the game delivered by little messages who bubble out of the ground. They are easy to miss so keep an eye out for them. In online mode, other players can leave notes for you to find.
  13. Use the internet – There is no shame in looking for hints and tips; it can also be used to learn more and immerse yourself in the world, because there is so much you can easily miss in your first play through.
  14. Be prepared to die a lot – You have to go into Bloodborne with a good attitude and realize that you will die a lot; that is just how the game is, it is part of the experience.
  15. Recover those echoes - When you die, you will drop your Blood Echoes, yet you can go retrieve them at the place of your death. This gives you a second chance to fight the enemies that killed you and learn from your mistakes.  

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While you decide which edition of the game to purchase, you can read Part One of our Bloodborne Review from the perspective of a Souls franchise virgin.

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