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DoTA, LoL, HoN and friends: Dealing with Bad Players

I hate DoTA. specifically, what is now called DoTA 1. I hated HoN when it was a title you paid for, played and got the virtual snot beaten out of you. I will confess that I'm not a strong player in those games - I played Tidehunter and Lightning Revenant before his passive ulti got changed into the active AOE. I got the title of being a feeder and generally a bad player. And for the most part, they were right. But it didn't help much that there wasn't much in the way of training other than being berated either in-game or with players at a LAN. So I mucked about and found my way, even if I was the feeder and managed to get into a good game where my team won. You learn, but still those two titles leave a sour taste in my mouth, for personal reasons.

Some time later, I started playing League of Legends - mostly to find something alternative to playing at my local LAN party, but also because of trying to find something that I could learn and become reasonably good at. I found that I can play reasonably good Tristrana in LoL - basically a Dwarven Sniper with a knock-back ulti instead of a last-shot steal. But the most important thing that League of Legends had versus the other two titles was the matchmaking system, which saved me from never looking back and playing these games. While it had a training mode with bots, it also had a relatively effective matchmaking system to combine you with similar-skilled players, with a reasonable chance of winning. My best game ever was a personal 16-5 kill/death with 11 assists. Was the 45 minutes of DoTA-like gameplay ever. Wish my brother would have been as supportive as the training system instead of berating me at every drop, and we were team-mates.

I came across an awesome article over at Massively, dealing with how to deal with players that dish out the player rage, but also how to deal with incoming rage. When the first batch of rage comes in, players on the receiving end will start to play badly based on that, termed "playing on tilt". Dealing with the demoralization that comes from raging and being raged at, how to deal with feeders, and the psychological effects of being taunted by players from the opposing team. I'd recommend any players who are on the receiving end of this to have a looksie at this awesome article over at Massively. It has helped me solidify my thoughts on this issue as well remembering my own origins in this game and the others, now that I am actually becoming competent in gameplay.

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