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SA CS:GO community gets a major boost with four new servers


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been on the rise in South Africa. 2014 marked a historical year for South African CS:GO as two of our top teams traveled overseas to take part in international competitions. Energy eSports tried their hand at ESWC in Paris, followed by Bravado Gaming taking part in Dreamhack Winter in Stockholm. Although the results were not what we wanted, the exposure for these players and our community brought much-needed attention to competitive CS:GO in South Africa.

Of the many parties who took notice of our gaming endeavors, with the most important interest from Valve themselves. Late last year Valve contacted MWEB expressing concern for the growth of CS:GO in South Africa. The influx of players to our local match making servers became some what of an issue, placing the servers at high capacity during peak hours. Valve requested MWEB to deploy four new CS:GO matchmaking servers in South Africa, making a total of five servers available for your gaming pleasure. The jump from one to five servers allows us to assume Valve would not fund such an initiative without the belief that South Africa is growing in CS:GO.

Will these be 128 tick?

In case you're wondering why Valve doesn’t deploy 128 tick matchmaking servers, allow me to explain. In layman's a tick rate relates to how fast the server and client update their information. This is pretty self explanatory: 128 tick updates faster, improving your movement and hit registry. Because this information is continuously being passed between client and server, 128 tick places quite a load on both your bandwidth and PC. 128 tick would also place an insurmountable load on the server itself, essentially double the amount of load per client connected to it. It's understandable that not every person who play's CS:GO has a great line and an above average PC. I myself am unable to play 128 tick server while LAN'ing with a friend on the same server, and I have a standard home 4mbps ADSL line.

If Valve were to default matchmaking servers to 128 tick, quite a few people would not be able to play or experience issues while playing. This is why we have private servers that are 128 tick.

We need your feedback

The new match making servers went live last night, so it's crucial that MWEB receives any and all feedback relating to any issues with the match making. You can leave a comment here on this article and we will respond. Below are a list of already existing servers.

  • MWEB gMz Demolition CPT #1
  • MWEB gMz Competitive CPT #1
  • MWEB gMz Casual CPT #2
  • MWEB gMz Casual CPT #1
  • MWEB gMz Arms Race #1
  • MWEB gMz Demolition JHB #1
  • MWEB gMz Competitive JHB #1
  • MWEB gMz Casual JHB #1
  • MWEB gMz Casual JHB #2
  • MWEB gMz Arms Race JHB #1

We hope you enjoy the new servers and happy fragging!

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