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Our top comment for last week goes to " " for this admission of shame:

No Cat.jpg 

4382 continuous hours
182 days,14 hours,55 minutes
Thanks, humble bundle.

That's how long it will take him to beat his Steam Library. All we can say is, good luck, take some leave and you have too much money ;).

Now for a look at our top 10 most viewed articles from last week. For the third week running, we have "Treyarch teases Call of Duty 2015" at our most viewed article. We've even written a follow-up, "Call of Duty 2015: Black Ops 3 or World at War 2," which takes the number five spot. It seems the words "Treyarch" and "Call of Duty 2015" are magic! At number two we have "Top 10 Xbox One and PS4 titles for 2015" and at number three, "The end of the console war - Introducing the PLAYBOX." Also for its thrird week in a row, we have "8 of the Most Shocking Videogame Endings," at number four. At number six we have the article listing your shame, "The average time to beat a Steam library is?" If you've not yet checked the backlog on your Steam Library, then take the plunge and let us know. At number seven we have an article worth of your time and input, "Negativity over The Order: 1886 is premature and an overreaction." Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. At number eight we have "Microsoft’s HoloLens – Kinect 3.0 or the future of gaming?" Time will tell if the HoloLens will change gaming forever. A some of our readers noted, the HoloLens "has far-reaching potential outside of gaming....I'd say it's simply "the future". "Destiny's new PvP mode coming soon – Grab a friend, Guardians" took the number nine spot, and at number ten the review of the most innovative gaming laptop ever made, the MSI GT80 Titan. 

See you again next week. Happy gaming! 

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