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Square Enix's Nosgoth might be exactly what the gaming community needs


Nosgoth is an exceptionally fun; third-person team based multiplayer experience created by Psyonics and published by Square Enix. The game looks and plays in such a unique way that it might be just what the gaming community needs in terms of a fresh multiplayer experience. Here is everything you need to know about Nosgoth.

What makes Nosgoth unique?

The game is a free-to-play (F2P) Legacy of Kain spin-off set in the world of, you guess it, Nosgoth. The class-based multiplayer game pits Humans against Vampires, based on the multiplayer mode of the canceled sequel to the 2003 release Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

Having been fortunate enough to get invited to the closed beta of the game, I can safely say that the gameplay experience is uniquely fun, let me explain.

The first thing that separates Nosgoth from many other multiplayer games is its level of unrelenting brutality. There is no hand-holding in this game, as you will be slaughtered over and over again. The learning curve is quite high, but the feeling I got from finally mastering a class was superb.

Vampires and Humans are in two separate teams that fight each other to get a higher kill-count. The action is asymmetrical in nature; Vampires are almost unstoppably powerful up close, while Humans have access to devastating ranged weaponry and alchemy. Both teams possess abilities, which can be activated having cooldown periods when used, or are passive/innately active. For example, Vampires have the ability to climb buildings and fly, while Humans rely on projectile-based ranged attacks of weapons that need to be refilled at ammunition stations. Sure there have been other games that have different classes and factions, but Nosgoth's Vampire versus Human affair delivers such a unique experience through exceptional combat pacing and balance that it deserves to be set apart from the rest.

The gameplay is fast-paced and intense. Vampires rely on surprise attacks that are difficult to both execute and face. One of my favorite aspects of playing as a Vampire is grabbing a Human opponent with a flying Vampire and dropping them straight into the rest of my team to be mauled to death.

Both teams use have different classes to choose from, meaning there are different Humans and Vampires, making up a variety of different roles. Check out the faction and class breakdown below.


Tyrant – “The Tyrants are the frontline shock troops of the Vampire legions, dedicating each victory to the glory of Clan Turelim. Tyrants see themselves as 'true' warriors and despise those who cannot compete with them on the battlefield. Their fighting style is heavy-handed and punishing, soaking up damage as they smash a straight line to their prey.

Reaver – “The Reavers of Clan Dumahim are dextrous and stealthy predators, whose only focus is the subjugation of Humankind. As trained and talented killers, Reavers are both calculated and poised. Swift, silent and smart, these Vampires are natural hunters who can out-think and out-run the opposition.

Sentinel -  “The Sentinels are devolved descendants and represent the last remnants of the once-proud Clan Razielim. Sentinels have developed large wings that allow them limited flight abilities and they use this mobility to scout and strike unsuspecting enemies from above. Dark and twisted, Sentinels are haters of Humanity.

Deceiver - “Driven to the edge of sanity, the Deceivers are feared not only by the Human race but by their own kind as well. Their devious personalities have come to manifest themselves in accursed supernatural abilities enabling them to assault the enemies' minds directly, making them see and hear whatever a Deceiver finds most useful to sow fear and confusion among enemy ranks.

Summoner - “Cursed immortals trapped in decaying bodies, the Summoners of Clan Melchahim have delved into forbidden lore in their attempts to save themselves. Flesh-sculptors graft material from unwilling sacrifices to their own bodies to cover their putrescence, while soul-wrights call on the powers of the Underworld to fuel their battlefield sorceries of destruction, protection, and summoning.” - Source


Hunter – “Vampire Hunters feel at home only in the midst of battle. They belong to the Ironguard, the last of an almost annihilated force and distant successors to the warrior class that have always lived, trained and fought for one thing – the eradication of every last Vampire from Nosgoth. Dedicated, ruthless and skilled, these warriors live for the hunt.

Alchemist – “The Alchemists are cultists, sworn to an order of arcane chemists whose concoctions produce a variety of effects ranging from explosive cocktails to transformative potions. A female-only sect with a thirst for explosions, Alchemists carry a hand cannon that fires alchemical globes which detonate with devastating force on impact.

Scout – “Professional and pitiless, Scouts were among the first of a new generation of Humans to take up arms against Nosgoth's Vampires. Armed with a precision bow, they are well used to hit-and-run tactics. Scouts swear loyalty to the Watchers, assassins skilled in picking off their enemies from the many hidden vantage points in the mountains of Dark Eden.

Prophet – “Prophets use tainted blood as a weapon, turning the source of their enemies' very existence against them. Bullets dipped in the fluid carry wicked hexes. Dark blood can be spilled upon the ground to temporarily repel or weaken attackers. Their mutated bodies have an unhealthy attraction to other sources of stolen blood, giving them the ability to literally steal the life from nearby Vampires.” - Source

Playing and finally mastering each of the unique classes takes up a ton of time and requires skill, adaptation to different situations and a deep knowledge of the game. One can spend months on one class and still be surprised at different tactics other players use in game. The distinct classes are the main reason I think the game will have longevity. For more information on the classes, check out Square Enix’s class warfare section that features videos on each class.  Good news is, everyone can try it out very soon.  


When and how you can play it

If you weren’t lucky enough to get into the closed beta, well, I have good news for you. Nosgoth will be moving into open beta one week from now, on 21 January 2015. You will need a PC and a Steam account to jump into the action. Please keep in mind that in some countries, you might still get the “This item is currently unavailable in your region” error until the launch of the open beta.

Square Enix announces:

We’re thrilled to announce that the Nosgoth Closed Beta will be ending, and we'll begin our Open Beta, on Wednesday 21st January 2015, one week from today. From that point on, the moment so many of you have been waiting will arrive. Anyone that wishes to play Nosgoth will be able to easily download the game on Steam (for PC) for free, and start playing instantly. This marks a huge milestone for the game and we invite everyone to join the War!” - Source

Game director Corey Davis told PC Gamer in a statement: 

"Our goal for the Open Beta is to deliver a fun and engrossing metagame and we realize that working closely with our community is the best way for us to balance and deepen the experience going forward." - Source

As the game will be F2P and the closed beta was only around 3.5gb to download, there is no reason not to check it out. People who want a fun and engaging multiplayer experience will not be disappointed, while it is a must if you are a Legacy of Kain fan. For those of you who want to prepare yourself for the coming war, check out some great guides and tactics from the official Nosgoth forums.  

Closing Thoughts

Nosgoth is, for me, one of the most exciting releases this year. The game is so uniquely fun and brutal to play, delivering fast paced combat in the dark and storied world of Legacy of Kain. I would recommend anyone who has a PC and a Steam account to check it out as soon as the open beta arrives next week, you will not be disappointed.

Will you be playing the Nosgoth open beta when it launches next week? Are  you a fan of the Legacy of Kain franchise? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Nosgoth Website, PC Gamer 

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