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Naughty Dog founder confirms Oculus 2015 launch


Jason Rubin, founder of Naughty Dog has confirmed the launch of Oculus Rift in 2015. This is the first definitive evidence that the headset will indeed launch in 2015.

At the The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a panel featuring a number of videogame industry figureheads such as Michael Pachter and AMD’s Richard Huddy, Jason Rubin officially confirmed a 2015 launch for the Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

The next question is 'what's the biggest story of 2015', and Rubin chimes in with "The Oculus launch." - Source

Jason Rubin, the Naughty Dog founder that was hired as Oculus VR’s Head of Studios during E3 last year. Earlier today, Palmer Luckey hinted "we're now 3 years old. Year one, we shipped DK1. Year two we shipped DK2. Year 3... we're 3 years old."  

Additional Details from the panel

Except for the exciting confirmation of a 2015 launch, there have also been a few other interesting tidbits of information coming out of the in-depth panel.

Jason Rubin talks about frames per second (FPS) and pixels:

"60 frames per second is not good enough for us, around 90 is good, for some people it's 80 for others it's 100, but it's around 90."

"We need not only the pixels we need a quality of pixels, it's beyond a higher resolution. They need to revamp their screens."

Finally, Pachter and Rubin talks about the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR, in which Rubin states:

Mark Zuckerburg bought Oculus because he believes that a new platform emerges every 10 years and he believes that VR is coming next."

Closing Thoughts

This year's gaming prospects just got a lot more exciting. I am a firm believer that VR is not just a gimmick but indeed the future of gaming. Hopefully we will see a lot more coming in the next few months as Oculus moves to a full release.

Do you think VR will be the new platform for gaming as Mark Zuckerburg believes? Have you tried a VR headset in the past and what did you think? Let us know in the comment section below.


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