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'World of Darkness' transplants real cities to vampiric backdrop

(Relaxnews) - Upcoming vampire-themed, massively multiplayer online game World of Darkness made a rare emergence from the shadows at a fan festival in Reykjavik, Iceland on March 24, promising that players will be able to wrestle for control of real capital cities.


London, Paris and New York are three of the world capitals that will be represented in the game, and each will be governed by a Prince -- one player that has fought their way to the top.

Would-be Princes will need their Machiavellan wits about them to claim the throne and gain the power to permanently snuff out any misbehaving subjects.

It's one way in which World of Darkness's game systems allow for complex political alliegances, double-agency, and back-stabbing betrayals to arise, by providing the mechanisms for players to forge their own powerful confederations, however temporary, however fragile.

In that respect, it's much like alliance-based boardgame Diplomacy, play-by-email Solium Infernum, or space trading sim EVE Online, made by the same company behind World of Darkness's online venture.

Watch the World of Darkness EVE Fanfest 2012 presentation courtesy of fansite World of Darkness 


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