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MWEB GameZone Master Series Grand Finals: Registrations Open

The time has finally arrived for the opening of registrations for our biggest tournaments of the year, the MWEB GameZone Master Series Grand Finals. The tournament is set to test competitive South African Call of Duty:Ghosts console players to their very limit in their chase for R40 000 in cash prizes. 

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The Grand Finals

The MWEB GameZone Grand Finals will see up to 40 teams competing for their last shot at glory for the 2014 Call of Duty:Ghost season. The tournament will see 3 phases of competition; the online group stages, the online double elimination and then the Cape Town LAN finals. The tournament will see 8 of South Africa's most renown names join the tournament to prove their worth against some of the stiffest competition that they have ever faced. 

The 8 Invited Teams 


The registration period is open from today to the 4th of September. There will be 32 available spaces for registrations, these spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. To register, teams can head over to our webpage that is dedicated solely to the MWEB GameZone Master Series Grand Finals. 

Click here to register for the MWEB GameZone Master Series for Ghosts Grand Final


The Grand Finals will see our biggest prizes handout to date! R40 000 in cash will be given out to the top 4 teams that qualify for the LAN event in Cape Town on the 18th of October. 

  • 1st -  R16 000 
  • 2nd - R12 000
  • 3rd - R8000
  • 4th - R4000


If you have any queries regarding the tournament please feel free to contact MWEB GameZone at as well as on our Forums here.

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