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Will the PlayStation 5 be able to support 4k Ultra HD Graphics?

Will the PlayStation 5 be able to support 4k Ultra HD Graphics? This seems to be a question that has a lot of people thinking – it was even rumoured that the PlayStation 4 would be able to run 4K games. The PS4 currently manages to peak at running 1080/60FPS.

Sony at least has another 4-5 years to make this happen, but will the console ever be able to match the only gaming machine which can run 4K?

The only machine capable of running 4K now. The PC

If we look at what a Gaming PC costs, that is capable of running 4K right now we are looking at pushing towards R25k mark (excluding the monitor). Now this is a hulk of a machine sporting dual graphics cards, with a large power supply to give all the juice and of course the monster CPU and nice fast Ram so as to not bottleneck the graphics cards.


Now sure the PlayStation 5 is about 4-5 years away, and I would think by then the prices for all the above would have come down. But squeezing all that into a “console sized” box might be abit tricky, it all depends on how technology changes over the next few years. There is a Joint Venture between Sony and Micron for a new generation of ram called ReRam

Current limitations

ReRam should speed up the ram considerably but last I checked we were starting to push the limits of what we are capable of doing on silicon so unless a new substitute for silicon is found I fear that we are reaching a barrier as to how fast we can push processors on silicon.

Two different things are being looked at to replace Silicon
As well as

If we stick to silicon for the PlayStation 5 which we probably will since both technologies above are very early in research and development then we will have another problem to overcome.

The problem of cooling

The Gaming PC relies on liquid cooling as air cooling just isn’t sufficient. By now we all know of the Dreaded red ring of death that the Xbox had problems with. The PlayStation had the yellow light of death to handle. These were both caused by overheating inside the consoles that caused solder to weaken and components to pull away from the board.

Now liquid cooling is a possibility for consoles but liquid cooling requires radiators and if they aren’t cleaned routinely then things start growing in the liquid as a nice warm environment is perfect of algae to grow in which messes with the pump efficiency and then we are back at the start with an overheating console.

Closing thoughts

For 4K gaming to be viable there needs to be more games written for it firstly, Technology for both PC and Console needs to grow alot to make 4K gaming stable as currently coding for it even on monster pc's causes framerate drops into the low 10's, what frame rate do we expect from these as 60fps is really alot to ask of a graphics card (refreshing over 8million pixels 60 times per second). A few games that supports 4K are as follows Crysis 3, Hitman: Absolution, Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Batman:Arkham Asylum & Bioshock Infinite.

So for those who went tl;dr, here is the summary. Do I think the PlayStation 5 or the Next Xbox for that matter will support 4K gaming? The answer is possibly but unlikely.

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