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Riot Games launches League of Legends Match History Beta

Riot Games is looking to expand the sphere of information available to their players in League of Legends by introducing a brand new way for players to view and track their match history. The new match history beta allows you, the summoner, to get the down low on what exactly transpired in your previously played games. The match history beta brings you statistics, heat maps, gold graphs and all the statistics you need to know to win your next game. 


Match History Beta

The match history beta for League of Legends has been made, according to Riot Games: "to deliver robust, intricate details about your previous matches in an accessible, intuitive interface that allows you to share game histories with your friends.".  The new system will make more (not specified) of your played games available for review, instead of just the last 10 that you used to get. The end-of-game information has been expanded, by using graphs and heat maps to display dragon kills, gold-per-minute, death locations and more. 

General Team Stats

The general team stats indicate all the basic information such as the banned champions, selected champions, objective count (dragons, towers and barons), individual creep score, gold, kills, deaths and assists. 

team stats.jpg


The current graph selection allows the player to view between a total of three options: Gold Advatage, Team Gold and Champion Gold. 

team gold.jpg

Team Gold represented in the Match History Beta

Heat Maps and Specific Statistics

The heat map will display between two options: Towers taken and champion kills. These display exactly which towers were taken out and where the champions died, respectively. 


The specific statistics deal with 5 specific areas: Combat, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken and Healed, Wards and Income.

Closing Thoughts  

The match history beta is a great way to review your games and see a wide range of statistics from whether or not you were dealing enough damage to placing enough wards. For players that are seriously looking to improve, the match history beta will offer you a detailed way to revisit your games and see exactly where you went wrong previously. The match history beta isn't restricted to your profile either, meaning that you can now check out the pro statistics and compare them to your own. Only time will tell if the system will find popularity among League of Legends players, but I for one can say that it is one welcome addition.  

Do you think you will be making use of the match history beta? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

Source: League of Legends Official

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