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<<<[Disclaimer]>>> This entire article will be about trolls, what they are, and a troll-infested game called Forumwarz.

The creatures I refer to are not from Lord of the Rings or Warcraft or that new movie called “Troll Hunter”, but internet users who “deliberately post provocative messages on a newsgroup or message-board with the intention of causing disruption and violent argument”. I got that description from a trusted source called Urban Dictionary.


The doing word or verb is known as ‘trollin’, you can add the ‘g’ if you like drinking tea with your pinkie elevated, like a sir. A thesaurus for the term ‘trolling’ (like a sir), provided by the trusty Urban Dictionary, listed these words: trolls, internet, flaming, annoying, 4chan, baiting, lulz, spam, trollin (not like a sir), asshole, facebook, noob and spamming. Quite descriptive if you ask me.

The google definition for troll is “A mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance”. That seems like an accurate description; the “cave” refers to a dark room with a PC, “folklore” refers to 4chan or 9gag and “giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance” is self-explanatory. Google also said something about trolls and fishes, but we’ll leave that explanation for Discovery Channel.

Why is it relevant for me to explain, in detail, from trusted sources like Urban Dictionary, what a troll is?

A game was released not too long ago, for trolls. It’s called Forumwarz and it is by far the sickest, vilest, craziest and funnest game I have played, on top of all my other ‘bestest’ games. You play characters ranging from an "Emo Kid", "Troll", "Camwhore", "Hacker" to a “Permanoob” in a setup fake internet environment, where your main aim is to troll as best you can; trollin well will give you more experience points, because we all love exp.

At first glance Forumwarz sounds retarded and you may ask “why not just troll in real life”? Well, real-life trollin does not give you experience points and everyone ends up thinking you are an imbecile. Forumwarz rewards you for being imbecilic!

Go on, be a troll! Try it! On Forumwarz of course!

Release the beast at

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