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MGMS eSniper Tournament: Final Day details

The moment is almost upon us, the moment when that last sniper bullet hits its mark and we announce the 1v1 eSniper champion! There are a few competitors that remain with a chance at  glory, and today we will be taking a look at the remaining fixtures, streaming and all the details revolving around the final day of play this Sunday. 


The sniper 1v1 eSniper tournament has placed players up against one another in a classic dual to determine who has got the best aim in the business. Players have been competing head to head in attempts to out-snipe and outsmart their opposition. The tournament has run since the 5th of May to determine who the top players are, and now is the time for them to duke it out in front of us all. 

Fixtures Xbox 360 

The Xbox 360 bracket has seen a bracket of 64 players competing against one another. There are 16 teams remaining that will be whittled down to the final 8, who will compete in a double elimination bracket to determine the best eSniper in the business. 

  • Round of 16: Matches must be completed before the 15:00 on the 18th of May 
  • WB Round 1: 16:00
  • WB Round 2: 16:45
  • WB Round 3: 17:30
  • LB Round 1: 16:45
  • LB Round 2: 17:30 
  • LB Round 3: 18:15
  • LB Round 4: 19:00
  • Finals: 20:00 

WB- Winners Bracket 

LB- Losers Bracket 

*Players must be online 15 minutes before the allocated start time

PlayStation 3 Fixtures 

The PlayStation 3 bracket has seen a bracket of 32 players competing against one another. There are 8 teams remaining that will be whittled down, who will compete in a double elimination bracket for the elusive number 1 spot. 

  • WB Round 1: 16:30
  • WB Round 2: 17:15
  • WB Round 3: 18:00
  • LB Round 1: 17:15
  • LB Round 2: 18:00 
  • LB Round 3: 18:45
  • LB Round 4: 19:30
  • Finals: 20:45

WB- Winners Bracket 

LB- Losers Bracket 

*Players must be online 15 minutes before the allocated start time

Reporting of Matches 

The updating of results will be done live from the MCave on Sunday, where the match scores will need to be reported via logging a ticket to the site. You must report your score immeaditely after completion. If your score is not reported by the start of the next round, you will forfeit your match. 


Streaming of the finals will be brought to you directly from the MCave at the MWEB Gamezone offices, and hosted by Holden ZA who will be supplying running commentary in the finals of both platforms. We would like to invite those who are interested in supplying commentary of the semi final matches to contact or via twitter. Shoutcasters must be willing to travel to the MCave to get in on the action. 

Streaming of the matches will be done via the as well as the MWEB events stream. Both links are below: 


Xbox 360 

1st Place : 

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 2nd Place: 

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 3rd Place

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 PlayStation 3 

1st Place: 

  • MLG Gunnar Glasses – Phantom Heat / Carbon
  • MLG Gunnar carry case
  • R350 Kalahari voucher
  • Gunnar T-Shirt

 2nd Place:

  • R500 Kalahari voucher

3rd Place:

  • R250 Kalahari Voucher

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Social Media 

Throughout the entirety of this the MWEB GameZone Ghosts Master series we will be using the hashtag #MGMSGhost to follow the tournament progress. We will also be making our announcements in relation to the hashtag as well as via our Twitter and Facebook. So be sure to follow for the most up to date information regarding the #MGMSGhost Lets Go tournament. 

Holden's Twitter  MWEB GameZoneTwitter Facebook / ZombieGamer Twitter Facebook 

Gunnar Twitter | Facebook | Website / Red Bulletin Twitter | Facebook | Website



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If you have any questions or queries be sure to comment below. 

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