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Review of UFC Undisputed 3 for Xbox 360

The UFC is back in their third installment of their mixed martial arts masterpiece, UFC Undisputed for the XBOX 360. The game has gone through quite a transformation since the release of UFC Undisputed 2010. Two new weight classes, namely bantamweight and featherweight have been added with all your favourite fighters from those weight classes. Fighters from WEC and Strikeforce have also been added to the roster. The best addition to the game this year is the PRIDE mode which gives us the ability to relive some of the greatest fights from the PRIDE organization which I believe is the roots of Mixed Martial Arts or as it is commonly referred to as MMA.

If you are new to the UFC then you have been missing out on quite a lot of great fights. The UFC is one of the most dominant mixed martial arts organizations in the world that host weekly/monthly fighting events that feature fighters taking each other on in a steel cage, using Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other forms of martial arts to dominate their opponents and win the fight.

UFC 3 is different in many ways to its predecessors. The fighting style is much more fluid with the introduction of grappling gestures using the analog sticks, making transitioning into different positions much easier than in the past. Your fighter also doesn't get gassed as quickly as they used to in the previous games, and you can regain your stamina back in quite a few new ways: avoiding your opponent by moving around the octagon; tying your opponent up by grappling in the standing position; when downed you can grab onto your opponent and pull him down toward you, thus not taking damage and regaining your stamina, especially if your opponent has just rocked you.

There are multiple game modes to choose from:

- Career Mode: gives you the ability to create your very own fighter and progress through each year putting time in for training and taking part in fights at various events.

- Title Mode: gives you the ability to pick a fighter and fight your way up the ladder to fight for the UFC title in the weight class you chose. If you lose 3 times then it is game-over.

- Title Defense Mode: pits you against contender that want to take your title away from you, you lose your title, then its game-over.

- Tournament Mode: gives you the ability to take part in a UFC or PRIDE tournament, similar to a grand-prix tournament.

- Ultimate Fights Mode: gives you the ability to relive/replay some of the greatest fights in UFC and PRIDE history.

- Event Mode: gives you the ability to create a custom UFC or PRIDE event where you matchup the fights.

Fighting online via XBOX Live! is so great and pits you against human players instead of AI players for ultimate fighting in the cage. This mode is great if you want to strut your stuff as a UFC fighter against other contenders or even your friends.

You earn what is called CRED throughout the game, it is the currency used in the game to buy upgrades and cool gear. There is a dedicated shop in the game where you can purchase anything from t-shirts, mouth-guards, MMA shorts, etc. for your fighter. There are a lot of customization options for all the gear in the shop.

You can also sign on with up to 10 sponsors in the game and wear their logos with pride. You can also create your own logo and banner for display in your fighters corner. You can even choose your taunting moves, entrance struts and entrance music for your fighter.

The tutorials in this game are very informative and make the moves very easy to learn. The only downside to this game is that the learning curve to learn all the moves, or even just the basics is quite a lot to take in. The game is very technical and relies on your ability to outsmart your opponent as opposed to just brute strength and button mashing to take down your opponent. This game is not at all like arcade beat-em-ups like Tekken or Street Fighter, it relies heavily on conserving your energy, moving around the octagon a lot, striking when you need to or have the chance to, and/or submitting your opponent.

Being a mixed martial artist myself, I must say that this game gets my adrenalin pumping overtime, and the explanation of the moves in the tutorials helps solidify my knowledge of submissions, attacks and defenses. This game will not teach you how to become a mixed martial artist, but will definitely keep you coming back for some more ground 'n pound lessons. This game is a must for any MMA enthusiast or fan of the UFC. My strategy is to strike to setup the takedown, then transition into the top mount, base up and rain down the ground 'n pound till my opponent is unconscious or the referee pulls me off my opponent, raising my hand for the V.

I personally give this game an 8/10, thus losing 2 points for the steep learning curve and some of the frustrating button mashing when you are a bit impatient. The graphics, commentating, lighting effects, ring girls, entry songs, fighters and atmosphere is absolutely amazing. Even just spectating some of events is enough for me, so I can sit back, relax and watch some beatdown.

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