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NGL League of Legends League Kicks Off


Over the weekend the latest South African League for League of Legends kicked off with the NGL League of Legends League 2012 starting with its seeding matches.  Over the next week or so all the teams will have to play 5 random picked fixtures and from your results they will determine what division your team will play.  It was decided to make divisions because last year we had the problem where teams left the league becasue their skill level was just not on the same level as the "big" teams hence we can have divisions where you would be able to compete against teams of the same skill as yours.

Just a short breakdown of the League:

Platform: PC Online

Game Mode: Classic Summoners Rift

Players: 5 vs. 5 [+4 subs allowed per clan]

Registrations: 1 January - 27 January

Seeding Tournament: 3 February - 24 February

Amount of teams: 30

Online League: 9 March - 31 May [Leg 1] // 15 June - 31 August [Leg 2]

Grand Final Invitational @ rAge: 28-30 September 2012 (Top 6 teams of each division)

The Admins headed up by Switch19, A10 Greeper and A10 Roidz have been streaming some games over the weekend also with some help from Winning Tigerblood's Bushbaby.


You can catch some of the streaming on the following channels: - LOLinSA Community stream - Ill be streaming most nights from around 19:30.


Head over to the LOLinSA forums to check out some results of the weekend.



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