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Battlefield 4 Joysticks: Configuration fixes

One of the selling points and also most entertaining features of the Battlefield series is the ability to climb into and operate any vehicle on the battlefield. However, flying is by far the most challenging aspect of the game, and an avenue of play that many simply ignore because of the steep and often embarrassing learning curve.


Flying helicopters or Jets in Battlefield is not as simple as it may sound, or should I rather say, not as easy to just jump into and intuitively take control using the preferred PC control system of keyboard and mouse. This article is therefor targeted at the PC player who wants to dust off his or her flight stick or is in the market for one and may be running into a long laundry list of issues that this style of play comes with. Sadly this article is NOT going to teach you how to be a better pilot, however if you do get this right, I do believe that pilots using a joystick may have a slight advantage especially when it comes to the jets.


Happy pilots with working joysticks

If you happen to have already attempted to connect a joystick to your PC, you may find that it simply will not work on default, and when customising the movements and buttons - it registers some very bizarre key configurations. On first glace it would not be a stretch for you think your old trusty joystick is suddenly on the replacement list. Have no fear; there are few relatively simple ways to work around these annoyances.

First and foremost, and probably the most annoying and time consuming is clearing all the configs. Not only does Battlefield 4 seem to register your joystick buttons as if it was tripping on LSD, it also has a bit of habit of conflicting and spazzing out when you can least afford it, so this is how to get around that problem: 

Clear and customize your Battlefield 4 joystick controls

On every config space that has a joystick option, ensure that it is blank. If there is a key in the setting, select it, and hold down the escape key until it is gone. Ensure that you do this for EVERY joystick setting and on EVERY tab. Even on the “foot” tab as well as the “general” tab. I think the only area that you can safely ignore is the spectator tab. 

Unless you intend to use the joystick in tanks and vehicles, I would suggest removing them from there as well and just leaving them blank. Yes it’s a bit of a schlep but will save you the problem of a conflict and something going wrong in the heat of battle.

Now set all of them up again. Just ignore the oddities of it registering your trigger as a dpad button or a hud button as a trigger or something equally strange. When you set the throttle configs, if you going to set it to increase, make sure it is in the lowest setting before selecting it and not at half way or in the middle. Then when it is selected and you are prompted to enter the key, slide it all the way up. Reverse this process when setting the decrease throttle option.

Right, if you have gotten this far, you have won half of the battle. 

Throttle locking into "Free-look" mode in Battlefield 4

The next issue is on the throttle controls which have a habit of locking you into free-look mode with no way to exit it. If you are having issues where the game will only recognise your throttle as open to full or completely closed with nothing in between then this is also the same fix for you. We believe that this is also an issue for people using gamepads on the PC version and we have been informed that the following fix resolves this for PC & Gamepad users:

Find the file called PROFSAVE_profile in your My Docs folder. Typical location is c:\users\yourpcname\documents\battlefield 4\settings


The path...

Open the file using notepad or wordpad. (extra tip: do not try to make it easier on the eyes by messing with the wordwrap, this can in fact cause issues when resetting it so best leave it as it is). Now do a quick search in the file (ctrl+f) and look for ConceptZoom.3.button. The value directly following that is something really low like 14 or something. Change just the number to something much higher, I have read reports of users setting this to 9999, I set mine to 250 and it works like a charm. There are 3 of these in total, jet, helicopter as well as vehicle. Make sure that you change all 3 of them.



Save the file and you are almost good to go. When you fire up your Battlefield client, ensure that you sync with origin using LOCAL data and that ladies and gentlemen should resolve the majority of flight stick options in Battlefield 4.


Sync local data

If you ARE in the market for a new joystick, stay tuned, I have managed to get my grubby little paws on a few of them and am going to be reviewing them over the course of the next few weeks. I still fly like a noob, but take my word for it, it is much more fun being a noob with a joystick and experiencing all that the stellar title has to offer than without it and being forced into a grounded game only.

Now I just need somebody to offer to teach me to fly properly... Any takers? 

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