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Fortnite gets a Battle Royale launch pad

Traverse the battlefield in style with Fortnite's new launch pad. See that obstacle in yonder path with they enemy hiding behind it? No problem, soar over said obstacle and rain death from above. However awesome, please read instruction manual's fine print carefully. Once the awesome device is deployed it cannot be picked up again to continue your path of destruction and mayhem - it can, however, be reused by any other combatant on the battle field. Yes you understood that correctly, your own device can be used against you by anyone who happened to see its deployment. Better to destroy the item than allow it to be used against you, right? The launch pad is as destructible as any other trap in Fortnite. But wait! There's more! The latest Fortnite update also adds sexy new shotguns. The weapons are suitably named "Save the world shotguns," the four new shotties are: Semi-Auto Shotgun (Uncommon), Charger (Rare), Stallion (Epic), and Stampede (Legendary). Players can loot these anywhere on the battle field. To check out all the new features and bug fixes for patch 1.9 see the official Fornite website. <br />

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