Glitched Episode 1: The new best thing in SA gaming

On Monday, MWEB GameZone launched the first episode of what promises to become SA's next best thing in gaming. The show was hosted by local gaming celeb, Pippa Tshabalala, and GameZone's Editor, Marco Cocomello. You might remember Pippa from the gaming TV shows she hosted, PlayR and The Verge. The first episode focused on rAge 2017, and is packed with everything gamers & geeks love. What I enjoyed most about the show was the Xbox One X announcements, and the in-depth coverage of Playlink - a PlayStation 4 feature that every gamer should experience. The show ran simultaneously on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live, and besides a few early .. glitches ... all went as planned. Notice the excellent sound quality as well as fantastic presentation by both Pippa and Mr. Coco. It was a great start to a great series, and we hope you'll join us for Glitched episode 2.

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