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Middle-earth: Shadow of War 101 Trailer

The Middle-earth: Shadow of War 101 Trailer explains the overall story of the game. How Talion became the Bright Lord, and he'll be taking on The Dark Lord, with a newly fashioned ring. What could possibly go wrong? In your journey to bring down Sauron you'll have to wage war across the massive regions of Middle-earth. There's puzzles to solve, epic missions to complete, and good 'ole sword fighting to save the day. You'll be able to customize your outfit as well as play around with different weapons. Upgrade your character as you progress to fit your preferred fighting style. You'll face different Orc tribes and warlords, each with their unique fighting style, strengths and weaknesses. Collect allies as you travel trough middle-earth, or add to your nemesis list. The choice is yours. We explain the Nemesis system in detail in our review - and it's the games' crowning achievement. Shadow of War received a shiny 9/10 from us, and we hope you carve your own adventure through middle-earth come October 10th.

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