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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta - What you'll be doing

The Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta is now open to all those who pre-0rdered the game, and open to everyone on Friday. The beta concludes on Oct 9 at 4:00 PM UTC. Players can test four modes in the Beta: a Galactic Assault attack on Naboo, a Starfighter Assault above Fondor, a Strike scenario on Takodana, and a single-player Arcade mode. With the Assault mode you can play as any of the four Trooper classes where you have to defeat an onslaught of 150 enemies. Use the battle points you've earned to unlock a light or dark side hero where you have to defeat 20 enemies. Arcade offers three challenges where you have to defeat 30 enemies. In Galactic Assault you have to overcome 20 enemies while you fight on the side of the Reinforcement. You also have to defeat a Trooper, a Hero, a Reinforcement, and a Villain. Lastly, in Starfighter Assault you have to command a Hero ship to destroy 5 turrets, complete 5 objectives, and get a 25 Savior Kill Assist. The battlefront awaits.

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