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Play the Shadow of War Interactive Trailer - Do You Save or Slay?

The latest live-action trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War takes you through two sections. The first part shows some stunning combat, until you get to a stage where you must choose to either save one of your fallen Orc soldiers, or take up a Nemesis challenge. I chose to save the poor fella, because I can always fight that ugly thing again, and having some good karma on your side can never be a bad thing. I hope. You are then take to the second part, where you attack the foe holding your minion, but things turn very ugly when a beast from hell is unleashed... Will the gods of Mordor bestow death, or will that karma come into play.. All I know is that heads will roll. The conclusion of the tale is that the saved minion can now be allocated to one of three important roles in your army; Bodyguard, Overlord, or Spy. Or, if you don't like the odds, hit restart. Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases on October 10 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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