Alien Swarm
Game Type: Shooter

If you are a fan of the Aliens movies, you'll love this...seriously. Motion detectors, big guns, nervous marines, swarms of alien bugs, it's all there. Squish endless streams of aliens with up to four co-op players armed to the teeth with a massive arsenal of weapons and equipment (Yes, there is a chainsaw). Form a squad from four distinct classes (Leader, Medic, Special Weapons, Tech) as you fight back the alien infestations from a wide range of settings. Developed originally as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, this is now a fully standalone top down action adventure! The game also features a training mode, so you can learn to get your alien bug goosh on. Sigourney not included.

  • Local Dedicated Servers Available
  • 4 player co-op action
  • Over 40 weapons and equipment
  • 4 unique classes and 8 unique characters

    Team Fortress 2
    Game Type: Shooter

    One of the most popular online multiplayer action games, Team Fortress 2 (otherwise known as TF2) has gone Free to Play. The game offers nine distinct classes for players to choose from. These classes will suit all ranges of player styles, from the "helping hand" medics and engineers, "kill, maim, destroy" heavy gunners and soldiers to the "lurk in shadows" snipers and spies...oh yes, there are scouts too, annoying b*****s with bats. If you have never played TF2 before, no sweat, the game also features training and tutorial sessions to get new online players up to scratch. The game also offers you the option to customise your character extensively with hundreds of weapons, hats and more to collect, craft, buy and trade. The most fun you can have with a hat on.

    • Local Dedicated Servers Available
    • Create and customise your own character
    • Features a training mode for newbies

    GoalUnited 2012
    Game Type: Sports

    In GoalUnited 2012 you take control of your favorite club. Lead it successfully and take home a top position in the leaderboard. All possibilities you know from the real football world are available to you. Train your players and watch for their skill and fitness levels; exhausted players play worse. You can train players individually or highlight certain areas such as passing during training or fitness. Along with training you can set the strategy and formation of your team. In addition to league matches, you can also participate in tournaments. Finances are another important area of your club. Make sure you earn sufficient revenue through fans, build out of the stadium and find sponsors.
    • Browser-based game play, free to play
    • Manage your own football club
    • Leagues and tournaments

      Pirate Galaxy
      Game Type: Action

      The Mantis, an evil Alien-race, took control of countless planets and human colonies. On their search for the valauble Cryonite they spread fear throughout the universe. As a space-pirate you lead off the fight in your spaceship and hunt the Mantis and other pirates through deep space. The fights take place in real-time 3D and the intuitive controls make getting started easy. Upgrade your ship with weapons and additional extras! Countless missions and quests await you. Team up with other players in clans or fleets and conquer whole planets. Engage in thrilling space-fights with other players or their clans – may the better space pirate win.

      • Rich storyline and countless adventures
      • Exciting teamplay options
      • Powerful spaceships and countless upgrade items

      Steel Legions
      Game Type: Action

      In another world four empires fight for the important resources steel, oil and steam. Resources become scarce, a newly discovered country promises fat booty. Naturally, all four empires bear down on the precious territory. But there can be only one, all hell is breaking loose. Except for the four empires, scavengers are in the area as well - the enemy is everywhere. The battles are staged with steel colossus weighing tons. Their firepower is only exceeded by their insatiable hunger for fuel. A constant balance between troop strength and fuel consumption is crucial for victory. Find the resources in order to repair and develop your battle vehicle.

      • Choose your fraction and enter the dangerous world
      • Enter your powerful battle tank and fight for glory
      • Join teams of fighters and rage huge battles

      Desert Operations
      Game Type: Strategy

      The World in 2022: The nations and alliances to fight in every corner of the world for the remaining commodities. The balance of power in Operations Desert change with the front line, covenants and declarations of war are piling up as Status messages.Thousands of players you want on the collar or on the raw materials. By good alliance politics you win powerful friends and keep your enemies at bay. With a strong alliance backing as you can also declare war and launch attacks against enemy nations first. By espionage is no activity without being noticed your opponent, use this advantage skilfully. In the battles you have to prove your tactical skills. Choose the correct units to defeat in sufficient strength to your opponents. With each defeated enemy of your country's growing influence in world politics. Go up to the global players in the new world order.

      • Play agints thousands of real players
      • Choose from hundreds of weapons
      • Develop advanced tactics

      Reign of Steel
      Game Type: Shooter

      Welcome to "Reign of Steel", the real-time tank shooter for your browser. Get ready for exciting tank battles, incredible 3D graphics and exciting action! Reign of Steel is set in the future when a post-apocalyptic nuclear war left the earth looking like a cratered moonscape. It's dog eat dog, ruthless and with gloves off. People fight each other and the only thing that counts is the fire-power of your gun. If you want you can also team up and fight together with your friends to destroy the enemy. The main thing to do is quickly gathering many victories, since it is the only way to gain the necessary experience points with which you can buy better weapons and stronger armor.

      • Real-Time Multiplayer action
      • Tanks! Big Guns! From T90 to the M1 Abrams, from mini-gun to rocket launchers.
      • Great 3D graphics, totally browser based.

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