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Call of Duty XP World Tournament, South Africa left out?


Call of Duty XP kicks off on the 5th of April 2013 in Los Angeles. This marks one of the biggest tournament in the world when it comes to competitive gaming for console players. The latest tournament for Black Ops 2, will bring 32 teams from around the world to compete for a 1 million dollars purse. Teams around the world have found themselves with one of the biggest opportunities to qualify for the tournament, with New Zealand and Australia grabbing the latest spots, the question is: why was South Africa not included in the event?

The question has several answers, some of them more obvious than others, but one of the first things we need to look at is the way Treyarch approached this tournament. They announced on the February 1st that they would be hosting the World Championships (aka Call of Duty XP). The announcement came with a basic layout of how to qualify for the tournament. There would be four ways to qualify for it, with 16 teams from America, 8 Teams from Europe and most recently 2 teams from Australia and New Zealand. If you have done your math correctly, this means 26 out of the 32 teams have been announced. You would think that with 6 spots being 'open', South Africa could squeeze its way into the one of those last spots, but as it turns out we were not even considered. This is due to several  reasons, let's take a closer look.

I have chalked them up to a 3 key points:

1) A communication break down between Activision and Megarom

In the gaming industry there are several ways in which brands such as Activision communicate with their audience. The main way is via their distributor in that region. Our distributor of Activision content is done through Megarom. Megarom have launched inquisitions as to why we have not be included in the tournament, so far there has been no response from Treyarch. 

2) Lack of competitive gaming experience in the local Call of Duty console community

In South Africa we have to admit that we are relatively new to the international standard of competitive gaming, especially for console gaming. We, however, have not been slow on the uptake of reaching the level of international experience required. The first title where we saw South African console Call of Duty players excel was in Modern Warfare 3 where the community manged to break away from our traditional means of competition to a more professional structure. These have begun the initial steps for South African gamers to compete in the international arena. We however need to have more exposure via tournaments, LANS and we need to tap into social media initiatives in order to step up our gaming profile in South Africa.

3) Speak up!

We have had a short amount of time to try get the ball rolling for South Africa to get a team into the next tournament. It is no mean feat to convince groups such as Treyarch that South Africa has enough clans to compete in a tournament of such a big scale. So this is what I propose, the launch of the South Africa for Call of Duty XP initiative.

If you have a twitter account please post a tweet with your desire to get into the Call of Duty Championship with the following hashtags :

 #CODesports #SAforCODXP 


@DavidvonderHaar @Treyarch

With this we will hopefully be heard in our attempts to get a team to the worlds biggest console tournament. Even if we don't get ourselves a spot for the current tournament, we can at least set ourselves up for the next event.

See you on twitter! 

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