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MWEB GameZone: Black Ops 2 Beta Challenge Begins

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The kickoff of the beta challenge is upon us but before we commence with the carnage,there are some new updates on exactly what you need to know before triggering that first bullet. Today you will be finding out exactly how the challenge process works, how to report a match and how to finalize a score. These steps are essential to your team climbing up the ranks of the ladder and eventually trying to secure that elusive top spot.

Before Starting a Challenge:

Currently your team needs to be entered into a ladder. If your team has not joined the ladder, or even worse if do not have a team. Please click here to find out exactly how to create and join a team, and then how to eventually join a ladder.

How to Challenge a Team

1) Once your team has successfully joined a ladder, you will be able to challenge your opposition. This is done by hitting the challenge button (skull and crossbone icon) that is placed next to the name of the team you wish to challenge.


Ladder Start no points.jpg

2) Proceed with the onscreen instructions and you will be taken to the ‘Challenge Screen’, from here you can set the details of your match.


Additional Rules

  • Matches cannot be played with 1 round only.
  • Matches must be played with a minimum and maximum of 4 members only
  • When overiding the 'Randomized game mode' you are disabling the option to have a random choice of game mode. If a team wants to play a specific game mode they must overide, by selecting the 'yes' option and then they must choose their desired game mode.

 3) Once you have submitted your challenge, it is the oppositions choice whether or not to accept the challenge. This challenge will be found on the home page of the captains screen. Under the section marked 'My Teams' you will see a challenge from your opponent.

Click on this challenge to view it, underlined in red. From here you will be able to decide if you would like to accept,decline or delete the challenge.

challenge recieved.jpg

4) If the challenge is accepted the game will be scheduled. Teams will recieve then recieve the full details of the game including the randomized map allocation.

Details of match.jpg

The team that challenges will host.

*Please note that games cannot consist of 1 map only.

Reporting a Match

1) Once the match has been played teams can report the match by clicking the report button on the home screen. From there teams will be able to  report on the matches that have been accepted. BOTH teams must report on the score. Please also provide proof whilst reporting matches in the allocated links. You can submit both links of video and pictures.

final report.jpg

2) The final process is for the other team to accept or dispute the match. If the match is disputed the admin will be contacted via a ticket then the match will be decided upon.

agrre or deny.jpg

That is all you will need to know in the process of creating, reporting and finalizing a match. Should you have anymore questions please feel free to ask away by using our troubleshoot section. If you want to find out more about the prizes for the ladder please direct yourself here. Remember this is the beta ladder so feedback is essential in our effort to make you have the best gaming experience possible.

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