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Monday Wake Up Call

Guys, I have been thinking about getting a Nintendo 3DS.

My main motivation behind this was the video on Pokemon X & Y, it looks really interesting. I haven't played a Pokemon game since Red , Blue and Yellow, so I know its more than 150 Pokemon ( I heard its up to 700 now), but the change to 3D may just make me get a 3DS and try to catch em all!

Who knows, the game is coming out in October, so I’ll have time to save up.

Colourblindness ,video games & Sim City :

I found an interesting article regarding how most video game developers can alleviate the issues revolving around colourblind people and video games.

The process is called Daltonize, which gives players a better contrast to different colours, in the video the will show what people with a green colour deficiency see and what developers can do when they Daltonize the colour code.


A desk designed for video games:

“Its a desk, but not any desk. It's a gaming desk” - Dave, project designer

Gamer Paradise desk is a desk designed for people who play videogames. When you watch the video, the  wiring is embedded in the desk itself, 3.0 USB ports, power ports and other devices can be plugged in directly to the desk.

The Kickstarter is still up and if you wish for one, best get to funding.

Indie Royale the Evolved Bundle:

New bundle pack has come out, with some cool games, i suggest getting them before  time runs out.

The most interesting reason to get this bundle  would be the game “KRATER” a Diablo  esque  post apocalyptic game. I played a few hours of this  and its  well made funny game. Can’t really call it indie though, but  I guess three people and a low budget is indie.


Valve may be facing charges over Steam User Agreement:


Valve may face charges by the German consumer protection agency called The VZBV.

The lawsuit finds that Valves new Steam License agreement prevents users from filing a class action lawsuit against Valve, the agency also wants valve to conform with the new European act that allow buyers of digital products to resell them in the same manner that second hand games are sold.

"We are aware of the press release about the lawsuit filed by the VZBV, but we have not yet seen the actual complaint."

"That said, we understand the complaint is somehow regarding the transferability of Steam accounts, despite the fact that this issue has already been ruled upon favorably to Valve in a prior case between Valve and the VZBV by the German supreme court. For now, we are continuing to extend the Steam services to gamers in Germany and around the world."
Doug Lombardi Valve Marketing Director


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