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New Free-to-Play RPG, Black Desert, looks awesome


It’s rather nice when you don’t have to pay to play games online. It’s even nicer when you find a free game that actually looks like it might be pretty good. Today these sentiments became a reality due to watching a Youtube trailer for F2P Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG is less of a mouthful), Black Desert from Korean developers Pearl Abyss.

It seems that the developers have attempted to get rid of the things that annoy us about enormous games: the world of Black Desert is completely seamless, meaning that there are no boring load times to wait through when you just want to play. You can ride a mount or if you prefer, rush parkour-style through the virtual world (I don’t know about you but that was pretty much the only thing I did ever in Assassin’s Creed. Who follows storylines anyways?).

Apparently the game is near completion and it definitely sounds like it’s worth checking out (you’ll have to do that for me because I’m pretty sure my laptop won’t run it). In the meantime while we wait, take a look at some super-rad screenshots from the game (there's cool graphics and blood and giant monsters and it's cray):






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