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A Black Ops Zombies Fan Film Celebration

The Black Ops 2: Revolution map pack 1 will be out January 29, to tease your imaginations so long, feast your eyes on the fan made web series from director Jason Rosete.


The series features three agents who find themselves on a seemingly abandoned island. Equipped with only their skills and an unexpected ally, they hope to survive the elements and the zombie horde. The agents are of course short on supplies, manpower and zombie savvy, but at least they are filled to the brim with that male bravado :P

A nervous Asian, a black dude and a white hero, what could possibly go wrong?

In episode two, we see a rapid decline in sanity from Ace, the Asian soldier as he is the only one catching glimpses of an evil presence lurking on the fringes of his vision.  As the action starts to heat up, our threesome is treated with help from an (un)expected source, a smashing brunette.

Check out episode 2.

Source: Jason Rosete Films

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