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My most anticipated future title: Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt, the creators of The Witcher and The Witcher 2 look to follow their role playing success with a title that promises to make old school RPG players breathe a sigh of relief and exclaiming.. "At last, THIS is what we have been waiting for...!" 

If you are a true Role Playing Gamer with roots going back to desktop pen & paper days, then its a safe bet that you already know about this...but if you do not have those roots but are either a fan of genuine RPG games or are a Science Fiction fundie, then take my word for it..This game is for you! 

Enough babble, check out this teaser trailer...

Looks bad-ass right? Now listen to this interview with the games creator Mike Pondsmith:

If that does not generate any excitement or anticipation on your behalf, you might want to go and have your pulse checked! 

From the Cyberpunk 2077 website, here is some more info that is currently available:



  • You’ll be able to create a character from the ground up and then experience Night City as a totally open world setting.
  • It will be a rise-to-power story about "someone who rises from a filthy gutter to stand against a hostile world."
  • Game will be a story-driven experience set in an open world environment, which will be driven throughout by player choice.
  • It will be non-linear.
  • Story will mainly focus on contemporary issues, and the world we will present is a kind of filter for those things.


  • Advanced RPG mechanics based on PnP RPG system upgraded to the 2077 setting. 
  • Huge arsenal of weapons, upgrades, implants and cool high-tech gadgets. 
  • Takes place in a Sandbox environment in Night City. 
  • A whole system of cyber-implants will be implemented, allowing you to modify your limbs. 
  • Similar arm implants (that was scene in the Teaser Trailer) will be present in the game. 
  • Cyber-psychos will also be present.[6]
  • Aerial vehicles, the psychosquad, and the weapons seen in the Teaser Trailer are as well present in the game.


  • The city is being designed so it doesn’t look like a purely futuristic metropolis. Older elements of buildings will be mixed in with more modern structures to make it look like the city was built in layers to create a more realistic, Blade Runner-esque style.
  • Significant amount of detail built into the weapons, similarly to the ones used in the Teaser Trailer. 
  • CDPR draws inspiration from several games, e.g. System Shock, Fallout 2 and more. 
  • Both the city and game world will be vast, and not feel restricted.
  • You play in Night City, but not exactly the same area as in Cyberpunk 2020. It has been moved a little closer to the coast. Reasons being of the nuke detonation in the city.
  • You will still visit memorable places in Night City, e.g. Afterlife.
  • The corporations from Cyberpunk 2020 will remain present – Arasaka, Dynalar, KiroshI, etc. 
  • CDPR game engine--REDengine--will have some changes. The physics and ballistics of the game will be changed to add new character movements and guns. 
  • The woman seen in the trailer might be in the game.

Developer Promises

  • DPR are trying to let the player print your character sheet from the PnP game.
  • They are trying to make the game to be as close to the original PnP RPG as possible. There will be changes in the balance of classes and how particular skills work.


And of course, their rather amusing Frequently Asked Questions: 


What is Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a PC and next-generation console role-playing game being made by CD Projekt Red. It is set in the universe of and derived from the tabletop role-playing game Cyberpunk 2020 developed by R.Talsorian and written by Mike Pondsmith. It will utterly destroy your world and replace it with a much better one. Well, a much cooler-looking one. This may involve surgery, but you weren't using that eye anyway, were you?

What is this Cyberpunk 2020 you speak of?

The Pen-and-Paper tabletop RPG of the Dark Future! Solos, Boostergangs, Netrunners, High-Fashion Models and You!

Elements of the Matrix, Blade Runner, Judge Dredd, Appleseed and Michael Mann's Heat all meet up and have a party!

Who is this CD Projekt Red you speak of?

Really, Faithful Reader? Really? Very well. They are pretty great. If you haven't played their games or used GoG before, I cast my gaze witheringly in your direction.

When will it be out?!

When It's Done. CDPR are aiming for 2015, but they are determined that this be an epic, amazing experience for us and they will take however long they need to make sure that their standards are met. Be grateful! Quality is assured! Go play some CP2020 until it's ready! Have a cookie.

Single Player or Multiplayer or Single-Player with Multi-player components?

Single player AT LEAST. Multiplayer we don't know about yet. When we know, you'll know. And we're obsessed, so we'll know pretty fast!

First or Third Person Perspective?

Fourth. It's a new narrative technique. No, I kid. Again, we don't know yet. Whichever one you'd prefer, prepare for the other. That way, you can be numb to your loss OR pleasantly surprised!

Mature Content?

Well, it's a dark future, people lie to you, you may have to cope with loss and...oh, wait. Is that a little drool I spot there? Yeah, it is. Wipe that..there you go. 

Anyway, if you're asking us if there will be breasts, we don't know. ODDS ARE there will be, since CDPR does not shy away from a thorough engagement with their adult subjects, whether it be blood, sex or racism. AGAIN, if you haven't played Witcher 1 or so. 


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