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Star Control 2 Remake Remake: Ur-Quan Masters HD

For those of you too young to remember Star Control and its sequels, or didn’t play it when first released, this is definitely one of those games you have to play. Star Control 2 in particular was one of those games that, at the time, stretched the abilities of your humble little 286 and 386 PC’s to their limits by playing real(ish) music out of the PC speaker if you didn’t have a sound card, had actual branching storyline based on actions, and a gripping and original storyline and quirky retro-future styling in game and graphics.


I was pleased as punch when I found out about the open source-remake of Star Control (now called The Ur-Quan Masters) with the release of the source code by the games’ creators, several years ago. Rewritten to be able to play on multiple platforms, the game has received multiple facelifts including completely re-written music by fans and volunteers.

Now, this worthy game is a getting another facelift – a full remake in HD! The alpha version of this is now available on the projects page on Sourceforge. I played the first few minutes of the game again, and it is a sight to behold again – brought a tear to my eye…

Once again, this game takes off, placing you at the helm of humanity’s future. If you thought the Mass Effect series was amazing – guess where a good chunk of that inspiration came from. A certain movie released on the fourth of July also seems to draw inspiration here…

Check out the Ur-Quan Masters/ Star Control 2 wiki entry for more info, or otherwise just pull the HD alpha remake and give it a go yourself! Or if you just want to have a go at the original non-HD, head on over here for it.

Enjoy the sauce!

Thanks to RPS for the alert!



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