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League of Legends makes us mad: A sort-of interview writesLeague of Legends has become well known for at least two things: proving the power of the free-to-play model in the West, and a "vicious player community.”

In the wake of yesterday’s article about the perma-ban of pro League of Legends player, Christian Rivera, for his bad in-game behaviour, I decided to ask some of the South African LoL community how they felt about rudeness in the servers, because really, WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?


Rory: I don’t feel that the community is that bad, it’s just that when someone rages it stands out in your mind, so if you got 1 person raging in 4 games that’s like 1 in 40 people.

Matt: South Africans retain a distinct advantage in the verbal filth-swinging wars on the internet. Due to our understanding of Afrikaans and a passable education via TV of Spanish, a fair portion of Europeans insults are swiftly understood and rebutted. However, due to the relative obscurity of our languages, we have in our arsenal an absolute plethora of gut-churning, oh-no-you-didn't local insults that can be levelled at those well-deserved Europeans that leave them with a blank stare . . . only to be enraged minutes after the game when they Google it. Realistically South Africans are mostly just passive aggressive just dropping incredibly dry sarcasm telling you how great you are, and then waiting until you try start a fight with the enemy team and walking away and watching them die in a teamless and lonely rage.

Rick: Well there is 'bad behaviour' in all players no matter where they are from...I'd say of anything the South Africans naturally can be quite 'teamwork' mannered where even the noobs try and help team mates out as compared to say, the Russians, who are known to be bad mannered and terrible sportsmen. Also, you don’t often get other teams raging at your team, normally just at your own team raging at itself.

So why does everyone get so mad?  Here’s a possible reason:

Jo: LoL is one of the only games where you actively hate your own team-mates more than the enemy team. In most video games, your team is mostly incidental to what’s going on - you can just be individually skilled and do fine. You might lose but you played well and you look good. But in LoL if someone dies on your team excessively they cause the rest of the match to just be the most horrible time. You are investing on average, 45minutes to an hour of your time that you could use to be doing ANYTHING else and often, playing LoL feels like being in a prison knife fight except for the fact that you are attached to 4 drooling morons for the duration.

Well, I have to inform you folk that Riot Games has formulated a Player Behaviour and Justice team, which includes two PhD’s – a cognitive neuroscientist and a behavioural psychologist – that aim to mind-plorp you into being kind to each other. One of the ways in which they are doing this is through the “honors system” where good behaviour is rewarded with points (you can read more about it here). So play nice friends, because even though I don’t really know what will happen if you don’t, it’s just fun to do sometimes.

Also, have this video of the most brutal LoL rage ever:

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