EVE Online: Retribution Expansion notes – Piñatas and Gun Safeties!

When EVE Online comes out with patch notes for their expansions, it has just like hitting a piñata – sweeties just come pouring out. This has definitely been true for the previous two expansions, Crucible and Inferno. This definitely holds true for the Retribution expansionas well , due out today.


Below are some of the highlights

Bounty Hunting

The Bounty system has been completely overhauled – bounties can be placed on players, corporations and even alliances. The new payout system will allow bounty-hunters to keep on attacking wanted targets with a percentage of the ship kill being paid out every time on a successful kill, and split appropriately if the bounty-hunters are fleeted up. The Bounty Office is now available right from the normal EVE player menu system, rather than being restricted to stations, and a new interface will also display the most wanted as well as well as the best bounty hunters out there.



Unless you have made these mistakes in the past, and this was explained by a veteran of the game, the mechanics of PVP aggression were always a bit nebulous especially for the newer pilots in high- and low-security space. Thanks to some much needed visual aids, players can now see their own security status and the status of others whether or not they can be attacked by players in any area other than null security space. Shiny new icons will allow others to see your status, and shoot you for no reason (perhaps, maybe).

Ship Rebalancing

While too broad to be included here, almost all of the existing Tech 1 frigates and cruisers are receiving changes to their roles in the game. New roles are being laid out into broad fields including attack, combat, disruption and support roles. Two examples to be cited here would be the Thorax and Vexor cruisers (since I fly Gallente ships myself) – the Thorax is now classed as an attack cruiser and will be losing its microwarpdrive bonus, in exchange for damage AND tracking bonuses, while getting some extra speed wrapped into the hull. Conversely the Vexor now fills the combat cruiser role with some incredible buffs to drone and weapon damage, allowing one with proper skills to turn this into a ship with monstrous DPS output.

Most of the ships are getting changes to their slot layout as well – the thorax gets a new mid-power slot, and the vexor gets an extra low-power slot.

Useless ships are being made useful! Remember the Bantam and Navitas class ships? Could barely be used for mining and little else? They are being redressed into a support figate role, which means that even rookie pilots can now take on the healer role without having to train for 3-6 months to be able to fly the previous Logistics ships designed for the role. More people to shoot at!

New Spaceships!

We’re not without our Christmas pressies this summer, as CCP is introducing four new tier-2 destroyers as well as a dedicated mining frigate to replace the afore-mentioned useless ships now becoming useful. The Dragoon, Corax, Algos and Talwar class destroyers will be sure to mix it up! The Gallente Algos and Ammarian Dragoon will be drone-focused; the Caldari Corax is destined to be the mini-Cerberus with its missile damage bonuses, while the Minmitar Talwar will be a speed-tanking-missile-lobbing-microwarpdrive-scooting mini-Vagabond from hell!


For the Carebears out there (and who isn’t), the new Venture-class mining frigate will now be available for the miners and gas-cloud harvester, with roles and bonuses to match.

UI and inventory changes

The player UI is also being expanded upon with changes to quick info about how your guns are functioning – simply mouse over your gun icons to see their ammo type, how many shots are left, DPS and special damage, as well as targeting reticules will now indicate whether your intended target is in range of your weapons.


A giant new SAFETY BUTTON has been added so you can no longer willy-nilly shoot arbitrary things and get popped by CONCORD (the EVE police) if you turned warnings off. That being said, warnings are now relegated to the SAFETY BUTTON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

CCP Arrow and friends have been busy giving the originally much-maligned unified inventory improvements in general operation, including better response times querying what’s in your cargo, persistence of your stuff in what and when you want to see and access your stuff depending on where you are

Did I mention the SAFETY BUTTON??!!

NPC AI Upgrade

It seems the drones in sleeper space may have been busy, this time messing with the NPC AI… all of them. If you’ve ever experienced the AI present In incursions or Sleeper sites, now all the AI’s for all rats function in similar ways. They will now switch targets based on how juicy they are, if juicer targets come into range, or attack all the things because they can.

According to the Retribution FAQ on the subject they won’t be as aggressive to drones as they are in Sleeper sites in wormholes, but still, the days of aggro ALL THE THINGS-launch drones-tank-AFK are over.

Wait, why are you attacking my salvage drones??


There is just so much to cover, it can’t be done in a little write-up like this. Check out the EVE Online Retribution page for more on the highlights in this coming expansion, or hit the patch notes page for a comprehensive list of changes. You really do want to double check that. Something about Ancillary Shield Boosters being nerfed? And Y U NO LIKE my Hurricane??


While you wait for the patch to download, have a listen to Fly Reckless episode 84 Where Connall Tara, Jade from Lost in EVE, Wiggles from Red-vs-Blue and myself prattle on about ship changes… forever...

See you on the other side of the patch!

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