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Rumour: Nintendo readying "Wii Mini"


According to Nintendo World Report, the House that Mario built may be looking into releasing a redesigned compact Wii console before the end of the year.

Nintendo World Report claims to have received information from what they describe as "an internal release schedule at a major retailer". According to this alleged schedule, Nintendo will launch a new 'Wii Mini' by the 7th December. The leak suggests the new console will be a more compact version of the current Wii and will come bundled with a Nunchuk, Wii Remote Plus and jacket.

If true, the timing for the release is rather surprising, given how much of Nintendo's focus is on promoting the next-gen Wii U console, currently available in the US and due out everywhere else by the end of the week.

The idea isn't implausible or unprecedented. Sony made millions of extra cash when it released compact versions of the PS1 and PS2, with accompanying price drops, while the successor consoles took to market. Nintendo would be foolish not to try and squeeze some more pennies out of the best-selling console with a similar tactic, but the timing seems suspect.

The 7th December is right around the corner and if Nintendo were genuinely intending to release a Wii Mini they would have announced it by now. In addition, there is already an element of consumer confusion as to what the Wii U is and the introduction of a Wii Mini would likely serve to only muddy perceptions further.

For now we'll mark this one as false.

Source: Nintendo World Report

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